Upper Primary Learning

Term 1 Highlights

The school year started very smoothly, with all students settling well into their new classrooms.


We welcomed 15 students to Upper Primary from the Lower Primary campus. We also had the following students commence in Upper Primary from other schools:

UPA: Ridley and Zavar

UPC: Jamie and Diesel

UPD: Chloe and Kiara

UPE: Jessdaniel

UPF: Humdon and Fatimah

UPG: Emily and Hossein

We know that they will all be very happy here at Concord School.


We also welcomed three new teachers to our team: Rachel, Sharon and Natalie


The Information session which was held in early February was extremely well attended, with over 60 parents and carers here on the night.


Three classes from Upper Primary travelled down to the Lower Primary campus to attend a lesson in the Life Ed van. UPC, UPD and UPG looked at feelings, how to be a good friend and how we keep ourselves safe.


Parent Teacher interviews were also well attended in all classrooms.


Then came UPC and UPD’s camp to Ocean Grove. The weather wasn’t the best but the kids still braved the cold at the Water Park and had a wonderful time. I think the Water Slide and the Lazy River were the most popular activities, with the electric cars running a close third.


Unfortunately due to the coronavirus we had to cancel electives, swimming, sausage sizzle and a camp for early next term. We live in an unpredictable world at the moment.


The Upper Primary staff hope that all students have a great holiday.



Chris Norman

Team Leader