WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator


- Ms. Carmela Santucci

A number of Westall English Language Centre students are preparing to exit the Language Centre at the end of this term. These students have immersed themselves in English to build their language skills in preparation for transition to a mainstream school. Our classrooms offer a calm and a safe environment for learning and the diversity of students’ backgrounds contributes to the culture of acceptance and harmony in our classrooms.


The focus in the Language Centre is learning English, however, this learning does not stop when students transition to a mainstream setting. Once students begin their studies in a mainstream school, they will continue to learn English with the added challenge of learning a new curriculum in a new language.


The Language Centre supports students’ transition in many ways. Learning to be an Independent Learner, knowing strategies to improve study skills and being aware of personal preferences to assist learning are topics discussed at Sub School Assemblies. There is open discussion around, "Do you know how you learn best?”. The students are presented with and encouraged to try different strategies. By practising the use of these strategies, students can independently develop positive learning behaviours.



Maths in WELC

WELC students study three lessons of maths every week.  Lessons focus on understanding maths terms and being able to explain maths thinking and working in English.


Group 1 and 2 students have studied measurement of 2D and 3D shapes this term. Students were explicitly taught the names of the shapes and practised orally describing shapes based on their characteristics. 


Students have explored how solid shapes are made by making 3D shapes from their nets.  They have also participated in a variety of problem solving activities, including exploring the biggest area that can be made from a 30 cm string and what container is the most cost and space efficient to hold six golf balls.


These group activities have given students many opportunities to work collaboratively and share their ideas about maths.  It is great to see students using English to communicate their ideas.


Deborah Morgan

WELC Teacher