Middle School Report

Message from the Director of Learning

- Mr. Tom Tahos

I would like to congratulate our middle school (students and staff) with the way you are meeting school expectations.


Firstly, well done with wearing the correct winter uniform.  Secondly, our number one focus is how we treat each other;  kindness costs nothing but its rewards are priceless. Keep up the great way you are all displaying our Westall values (CARE - in yourselves, with others, with your learning and with your environment). Finally, the way we conduct ourselves with our learning inside and outside the classroom has been great, attending on time, bringing the correct equipment and engaging in the class activities.  Keep up the great work.


A big thank you to the Maths department and all students for completing the attitudes to school surveys.  The information we receive from these really help us in putting in place targeted actions so we can continue improving as individuals and as a school.


Well done to the Year 9 student cohort and the NAPLAN team for successfully completing the NAPLAN, which was online for the first time this year. Great work.  Again the results will help us all to target areas that will help us all improve.

Year 10 students will be out on work experience soon, so make sure all paperwork is completed and returned to Ms. Borgonha.





Year 10 students have successfully completed their full day course in relation to work readiness. Students experienced a variety of work expectations, such as making their own way to their business host company by 9.00am, and dressing in appropriate professional school uniform.


Students went through workshops on:

  • Greeting someone, which included personal presentation, how to handshake, smiling and tone of voice.
  • Practising mock interviews, individual and group interview examples.
  • Looking at personal brand and exploring at least three positive ways of describing personal strengths.
  • Meeting and networking with corporate employees over lunch.

This is a valuable program in which students are exposed to key aspects needed when attempting to find employment.  All students had an enjoyable day and they all left with many very useful experiences.

Monash Access Champions


On Friday 10th May, nineteen students from Year 9 and 10 attended the Access Monash Champion Program at Monash University, Clayton Campus. Access Monash Champions is a personal development and leadership program for middle school students. It is designed to prepare students to become active community leaders. This unique program allows students to design and deliver a project that will make a real difference in their community. 


The aim of the program is to empower students to become Champions for Education within their schools and local communities, encouraging them to have a voice and helping them to develop essential teamwork and entrepreneurial skills.

Students participated in an orientation day, where they met with their mentors and worked on team building skills, listened to inspiring speakers and had the opportunity to meet and work with other students from the Monash and Kingston areas.

Community leadership is about identifying need and acting in a way that initiates change. The Year 10 program, Champions for Community, gives students an opportunity to create a virtual, physical or personal space that actions change in their school or local community.


The Year 9 and 10 students will be working with their Monash University mentors throughout the year and will be presenting their project at Monash University in September.  

Thank you to Mr Tom Tahos for organising this event.


Mr. Charles Tran

Year 10 Coordinator

Youth Career Forum @ Holmesglen



On Thursday 16th of May, twenty students from Westall Secondary College attending the Trade Pathway CALD Youth Career Forum at Holmesglen College. The forum was a targeted program for Year 10, 11 and VCAL students from a Culturally and Linguistic Diverse background, who are interested in preparing their learning pathway to Trade. At the forum, there were a large number of employers and trainers from a variety of companies that are prepared to employ students, who are studying their traineeship in a particular trade such as carpentry, bricklaying, painting, landscaping etc. The forum gave the students:

  • An overview of skilled careers
  • The benefits of apprenticeship as a post-secondary option
  • Information about support available for trade students
  • Information about what employers are looking for and the expanding opportunities.

The students had a wonderful experience and asked a lot of questions to get a better idea of what traineeship programs can offer. A big thank you to Ms Geraldine Borgonha for organising this event.


Mr. Charles Tran

Year 10 Coordinator