From our Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

Did you know that a child who wakes up by themselves generally means that they have had a good night’s sleep? A good night's sleep helps us focus and be happy. So how can we improve our sleep? 


Here are some tips…

  • Regular Times - Stick to regular times for going to bed and waking up. This helps keep our bodies in rhythm.
  • Sunlight - Encourage children to experience plenty of natural light during the day so they then become sleepy at night time.
  • Regular Eating - Eat dinner at a regular time and avoid snacking before bedtime.
  • Device Free - Turn off devices an hour before bedtime an keep screens and devices out of your child’s room so they are not tempted to use them when they need to be resting.
  • Relax – Read, meditate or listen to calming music before bed – it takes, on average, 20 minutes to fall asleep.
  • Too Busy? -Finally, think about how much your family does on weeknights and over the weekend.  It is great to be out and about, camping, playing footy, swimming lessons but TOO MUCH activity can make it hard for a child to have a truly restful sleep.

Please let the classroom teacher or myself know if your child is not sleeping well as it will affect their learning. The school is here to help.  


Katrina Victor-Gordon

Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator