School News 

Walk Safely to School Day

It was great to see so many students walking to school last week! 

Fairy Garden request

Do you have any fairies or fairy furniture that you could donate to the Fairy Garden? We would love some new fairies to play with. 

We would also like things for the bases and for the mud kitchen. 

Thank you! from the SRC (Student Representative Council)


A big thank you to Laura Vince's mum who has sourced some great items for the Fairy Garden and for the Mud Kitchen from the Op Shop for us.

A Note from Emily

This term's focus at Uraidla is Respect. Most of the time when we think about respect or talk about respect it is in a manner that’s for others. Having and showing respect to the people we come into contact with during our day to day lives, as hard as that can be at times. This is a very important part of respect and one we want to model to others, but what about having respect for yourself? Often we are focusing on the outward working of respect and we miss the importance of respecting ourselves. Having respect for yourself means remembering that you are valued and you matter. This is something we also need to be modelling and teaching our children. What you think and feel is just as important as what somebody else thinks and feels. Sometimes this may look like taking some time for self-care, surrounding yourself with positive influences, setting boundaries for yourself, defining your values, staying true to yourself rather than pleasing others all the time. These aren’t all easy for us to do, and we all have room to improve in this area, but it helps to start with one and just work on that. I hope this can encourage you to be self-reflective on ways that you do or can show respect to yourself as well as the ways you show it to others. 

Take Care.

 Emily Morgan, Pastoral Care Worker


We'd like to wish Maggie and Edith Comey and family all the best as they leave on a year long adventure.  We look forward to seeing you when you return! 

We'd also like to farewell Cherry Nettleton and her mum Alice who are moving to the coast. It's been lovely having you at our school and we will miss you! 

Thank you! 

A big thank you to the parents who helped out for Alex's tuck shop today- Melanie Les, Heidi Bailey, Jodi Braley, Alex Fry, Emily Mohor and Emily Fatchen. We really appreciate the gift of your time! 


How do you separate your household rubbish at home? 

At school we are trying our hardest to create waste stations! There are 5 locations throughout the school grounds for children, staff and visitors to place their rubbish in the correct bin. Each station has 3 bins: one bin is for household waste, one is for recycling and one is for organics. Did you know that Jo, our gardening teacher, composts the school organics on site? Look out for the stickers on the bin – they tell you what waste belongs where.


There is also a 10c recycling container bin on site – its bright red, you cant miss it.


Thank you Alex Fry for putting together these cool posters for us to use around school, featuring Elodie's winning mascot, to teach us how to recycle properly. 👍😍


Are you looking to enrol a child in our school for next year? Do you know of other families who would like to enrol? We would like to finalise enrolments by the end of Term 2 this year to assist with our planning for next year. Please collect an enrolment form from the front office and return it by the end of Week 10. Families new to the school need to ring the office to book into a school tour, so please spread the word. Thank you!  Fun Run 

Crazy Colour Fundraising

We’re just over two weeks out from our School Fun Run’s Crazy Colour Day, which will take place on the school oval on Friday June 10th. We hope students are working hard  and enjoying working towards their fundraising goals! 

As of this morning we have exceeded our $5000 goal! this is so exciting and we're wondering, how high can we go? Maybe we'll make even more than we planned for. 🤞Remember, the money raised will be going towards enhancing every child's school experience. 


Did you know that you can WIN a $20,000 Ultimate Family Package by setting up your student profile online and raising just $1 online? Just head over to

Once you’ve created your page there are some great things you can do. If you've made a profile and fundraise just over $10 you can pick a prize, so share your link and see how you go!  If you’re having any trouble setting up your student profile or fundraising online, please get in touch with the Fun Run team on 1800 FUN RUN. 


**NOTE** For the colour run you'll need a white t-shirt that you don't mind getting coloured and clothes that you don't mind being stained! There is a soak you can do if you wish to keep the colours afterwards too! If you're worried about your hair being stained you can either wear a hat or scarf to cover. Alternatively you can rub coconut oil through your hair pre-run. If you are worried about colour getting in your mouth you can also wear a mask or cover your face with a scarf/similar. Most kids find they can manage fine without these things though. 


Check out the following link to see what our day may look like


Please don't forget to share the link on social media, SMS or email to friends and family.

Thanks for supporting us with your fundraising efforts, we look forward to celebrating with an amazing day! Parents are welcome to attend - it will be towards the end of the day but we'll let you know times closer to the day. 


Parents and Friends 

Entertainment Book Fundraiser

Memberships give you thousands of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off offers from many of the most popular restaurants, attractions, activities, shopping, accommodation in your area and more. There are three kinds of Entertainment Memberships that you can buy: Single City, Multi City (for the whole of Australia, New Zealand and Bali), or a 2-year Multi City Membership.  S‍ingle city membership is $69.99.

The school will receive 20% from your purchase of the Entertainment Book‍ so get your Membership today.

Click on the link to order.


COVID restrictions

Here are the current recommendations from the Department for Education:  

COVID safe measures

  • All students and staff must stay home if unwell, even mildly. If students become unwell at school, we are unable to care for them here and we will be contacting you to collect them asap. Please have a plan in place for someone who can collect your child within a half hour. 
  • We will be maximising ventilation by leaving doors/windows open, using air conditioning and fans, and keeping doors and windows open. Please make sure your kids have a jumper - it might be cold in classrooms with the additional ventilation. We have had a number of students complaining about the cold, without a jumper in their bags. 
  • Outdoor learning will be encouraged where appropriate.
  • Adults will practise physical distancing where possible. 
  • We will continue to practise and promote hand and respiratory hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be provided for regular use, and disposable masks.
  • Students are being asked to fill up their drink bottles from taps in preference to drinking directly from the taps, so please make sure they have a labelled bottle every day. 

Face masks

  • We are still asking everyone to wear masks, to minimise the risk of infection. 
  • Face masks are strongly recommended for students in years 3 to 6. We will be expecting all students in the Year 3-6 classes to be wearing a mask. 
  • We have received a supply of smaller masks, and we encourage our younger students to wear masks. Children can bring their own masks from home as well. 
  • Teachers will be wearing masks, except when it impedes the ability to teach. 

Can parents and carers come into the buildings? 

  • We have been asked to minimise the number of adults who come onto our site for the time being.  Please send notes back to school with children rather than dropping them off yourselves, and contact us by phone or SeeSaw in preference to meeting in person.
  • However, if you need to see us, yes you are welcome! You just need to ensure you do a COVID-Safe check in when entering the building and practise physical distancing from other adults. If there is another adult in the front office area, please make your presence known to front office staff and then wait outside until called. 
  • Please note that all adults are required to wear masks when entering school or preschool buildings.

Pick up and drop off

  • In the morning please continue to drop children off at one of the entrances to the school grounds, and allow them to make their own way to their classrooms. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please make contact through the SeeSaw app. 
  • In the afternoon please make a quick pick-up from the gate. Children are not allowed to play in the playground after school for the time being. 


  • Assemblies are now allowed to be held in person once again with COVID sfae measures in place, once a fortnight on the Friday of every odd week at 2:40 unless informed otherwise. 

Flexischools App

We have taken on a new method of payments for the school. The Flexischools app allows you to pay for certain school services. Information is provided below. This is the preferred way to pay when available, but we will still accept cash and card. It is not available for all services, but we are hoping to streamline payments as much as possible. You can now pay your materials and services fees via the app, and soon instrument hire and book fees. Please call Sara on the school number if you have any questions.