A message from Margie  

Reconciliation at Uraidla PS 

Next week we will be celebrating Reconciliation Week. On Monday we're really excited to welcome Dave Booth who will lead us in a Smoking Ceremony, Welcome to Country, digeridoo performance and a ceremonial dance to launch the week's learning.  You are all most welcome to join us at the willow circle at 9 am if you are free! This performance is paid for by the Parents and Friends through all their fundraising efforts, and we'd like to thank them so much for making this opportunity possible for our students; what a wonderful gift. 


All week teachers will be talking to students about Reconciliation, asking children to consider what Reconciliation means to them, and what we can do as individuals and as a school to contribute to reconciliation. 


During the week we'll be adding to our Reconciliation 'Graffiti' wall in the gym. We'll be inviting classes to add their thoughts and wishes for reconciliation throughout the week, and we'll invite you to add your contributions too. 


On Friday we are organising an exciting day of activities in cross age groups, highlighting different aspects of Reconciliation and Aboriginal Culture.  We will be inviting local Aboriginal woman and former Uraidla Primary student Deeanne Hanchant-Nichols (also known by the children as 'Auntie Dee') to join us for the day for some storytelling around the Willow Circle. Other activities include making damper, storytelling, nature drawings, clay sculptures of reconciliation, aboriginal games, making a giant aboriginal flag, a giant paper chain and making stories using symbols. 


Don't forget to send in the 'postcard' which was sent home in your eldest child's bag this

 week. There are spares at the front office if you'd like another! It will be wonderful to gather your thoughts to inform the vision statement  for our Reconciliation Action Plan, which is coming together beautifully through the efforts of our hardworking RAP team: Jess de Campo, Becky Edsar, Lou Turner, Sam Bateman, Anna Price, Stephen Tsiaprakas, Katie Martin and myself.


We hope that all families will take part by talking together and sharing your thoughts with us. This year's Reconciliation Week theme is Be Brave, Make Change and we are so excited about the positive changes we can bring about through our RAP! 

Reconciliation 'postcard'
Reconciliation 'postcard'

Music is Fun!

Everyone had a wonderful time this week when the Music is Fun band came to perform for us on Monday afternoon. We had lots of students performing too! A special congratulations to our Senior choir for their performance and for our very own dance troupe who choreographed their own dance and performed it beautifully. I am always impressed at how brave our students are, and how willing to 'have a go' at any challenge thrown their way. Here are a few photos of the concert: 


Congratulations Lizzie! 

We'd like to congratulate Lizzie and Zac, and welcome our newest member of the Uraidla Primary School community, Ellie Jean Mitchell! Isn't she beautiful? 

Cooper our 'comfort dog'

This week Suzie Tume brought in her 13 year old Labrador cross Golden Retriever dog to visit. We are hoping that Cooper will come along to school on a regular basis to provide comfort to students and to be a calming and positive influence for students while they are learning. Please let me know if your child would rather not participate! 


Students in Sam's Year 1/2 class had this to say about the idea: 

Cooper can be our break dog to help people to cope better when they need a break. - Lilly

When people are stressed dogs can help to calm them down, so Cooper can help us all to be happy. - Charlotte

She's a fluffy and nice dog to have around! - Jemima

If you're anxious maybe she can help keep you company for a little bit. - India

I really like having Cooper here! - Kyle
I really like having Cooper here! - Kyle

Covid measures still in place

As you are no doubt aware, mask restrictions are being relaxed in the community generally, but in schools it is still strongly recommended that staff, students Years 3-6 and visitors continue to wear masks inside. We have a number of staff with vulnerable family members and we would like to ask families to please continue to wear masks in the buildings.  Thank you for your assistance in keeping everyone safe! 

Kidz Biz 

It was great to see so many families here at our parent and child Birds and Bees sessions presented by Kidz Biz this past Monday evening.   Thank you to Governing Council for supporting these information sessions for our school community, partly sponsored by the school with a co-payment by families. 



Have a great fortnight everyone!