Sport and PE Report

Junior Athletics Carnival

On Monday 6th May, all students from Foundation to Year 2 took part in the Junior Athletics Carnival on the bottom oval. Students participated in a variety of running, jumping and throwing events, including the egg and spoon race, vortex throw and long jump. Throughout the afternoon, students were earning house points by trying their best at each event.


Thank-you to all of the parents who came along to support, the students in 6DT for assisting our younger students and the wonderful junior school teachers for looking after each event. It truly was a fantastic afternoon with so many students having great fun!


Senior Athletics Carnival

The Senior Athletics Carnival is only 10 days away!! We are still after many more parent helpers, so if you are available to assist on Monday 20th May at the Tom Kelly Athletics Track in Doncaster, could you please enter your details on the following Google Form ( At this stage we still only have 11 helpers, so we definitely need more hands to assisting running this fantastic day!

District Cross Country

All 60 students have been training really hard for the District Cross Country on Friday 17th May at Macleay Park. Check out our students in action!!


This fortnight in PE.....

This term has started off with a bang, with students their sporting skills by practicing the following:

- Foundation - Underarm Throwing and Catching

- Year 1/2s - Underarm Throwing, Overarm Throwing and Catching

- Year 3 - 6s - Invasion Games (the strategy and skills required to play sports where you can invade anywhere with the playing areas - e.g. soccer, European handball, netball, etc.)


Please make a big effort to practice as many of these skills outside of school, as this will help your child develop their fundamental movement skills and game sense knowledge.