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This week we offered lots of different craft and cooking activities  to help the children prepare small gifts for Mother's Day. We made beautiful cards all week as well as Flower bouquets, Mother's Day Kids-extra-help-at-home vouchers, Hama bead hearts , word clouds, and home made vanilla choc-chip cookie packages. Next week we will be having fun with cooking week, with the kids cooking a different recipe each afternoon.

We also offer inclusive sporting activities every BSC and ASC.


OSHclub Activities 13th May-17thMay


Before School Care: Downball comp

After School Care: Scones


Before School Care: Wrist ball

After School Care: Gnocchi


Before School Care: Lego club

After School Care: Spana kopita


Before School Care: Microwave strawberry jam

After School Care: Strawberry cake


Before School Care: Bananagrams

After School Care: Rainbow cupcakes



Note to parents: General

Vacation Care:

Our new Winter Vacation Care brochure will be emailed shortly to families. We run a beautiful, caring and fun Vacation Care at the school. Many families have appreciated the convenience of knowing that Boroondara Park PS OSHclub staff are looking after their children over the holidays in a safe and fun environment.

Enrol in advance:

We recommend that all Boroondara Park families enrol and create an account with OSHclub. There is no charge to enrol or create an account, and no pressure to book your child in for a session unless you need to. That way if you ever need to use OSHclub you have an account set up and ready.



Bookings need to be made outside of 48hrs before a session. Eg. bookings for Before School Care on a Thursday will need to be made at the latest by 7am Tuesday before. After this time you can no longer secure a booking through your iParent portal. Contact Joey at the program to see if there are any spare spaces left to book for the day.

No more on-the-day bookings accepted. Due to government regulations relating to staff-student ratios, we can no longer take on-the-day bookings. In an emergency, we can offer a place. Please contact Joey to discuss further as cancellations occur during the day, allowing us to offer limited extra bookings. We endeavour to always support the needs of families and will try and accommodate every situation, if possible, but have been advised that we cannot take any more on-the-day bookings.

Joey at the Program:

0412 263 319


Accounts at head office: