Visual Arts

Artists of the Weeks

Artist of the week is awarded to Hayley R, Eleanor S, Christian B and Alex E from 6CM for their terrific Frida Kahlo inspired self-portraits. The digital self-portraits were created using an app called brushes redux.  The collaged backgrounds included drawings and magazine clippings showing different aspects of the student’s identity.  Well done!


Flynn W of FKJ is also artist of the week with his terrific self portrait. Flynn used paper magiclay to create the outline and features of his face on a piece of scrap recycled cardboard. The following week he painted his work using chromatemp paints. Bravo Flynn! We love your brilliant green eyes!

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Bravo to Natalija S of 1HF who entered her ANZAC soldier portrait into a competition with Channel 7 TWO’s ‘Get Arty’ program and…she won! Wonderful news! (Thanks to Mrs Blanch who ran this art lesson during Mrs H's absence)

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Mrs Hortin and Mrs Trevorrow