The Principal's Report


Each year students across the country participate in the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). This group of tests is undertaken by Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students across all schools. 

NAPLAN is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy. They are a snapshot of how your child is performing on that day with that assessment task. NAPLAN commences next Tuesday May 14th. 

We want our students to be relaxed and unfazed by the process and not become anxious and emotional. To support this aim we give our students time leading up to the NAPLAN to review previous tests and to undertake timed activities so that they know what to expect. We do this to reduce worry and to ensure our students can perform to their best on the day.  

It is important that we are aware of the messages we give our students around assessment, we can impact on their ability to undertake the assessments, if we put pressure on them or if we are concerned about how they will perform. As with many things if we are anxious our children can be anxious. It is important that we give our students the message that this is an assessment task that will let us see what they child can do. 

Education Week

This year we are celebrating Education Week in a different way, you will receive information via Sentral about our activities when they have been finalised. You will have the opportunity to visit school on Tuesday May 21st for Open Morning from 9am until 12 noon and on Thursday May 22nd Open Afternoon from 1.50pm until 3.30pm. 


Your child is always beaming hoping that you can make it to the Expo at the end of term, they love to show you around their classroom and share their learning. These sessions will be an opportunity for you to view many of our programs and activities in action. We would like to invite all of our current families to attend our Open Morning or Open afternoon. 

If you know of any families who have a Foundation student for 2020 then please invite them along on Open Morning or Open Afternoon. We hope to be able to showcase our school to new families and our existing community. 


Mandarin interpreters will be available throughout Open Morning and Open Afternoon. 


Thank you to them members of our community who have agreed to having our advertising boards on their front fences. We appreciate the support of the Lam family, the Shaw family and Ray Owens.


If you live in a prominent place in our neighbourhood and would be interested in supporting us by having a board on your fence then please contact me on 98575157 or email with the subject Advertising boards. 



Anxiety can be debilitating to many in our society, anxiety can occur in children and adults and it can creep up when you are not prepared. Anxiety is common, but the sooner people with anxiety get support, the more likely they are to recover. Anxiety can be a generalised disorder, social anxiety, a specific phobia or panic disorder. If you are worried about your child then talk to someone, come and see us at school or visit your GP.

The Beyond Blue website can provide you with lots of information and resources - Beyond Blue 

This week I thought I would share this article around a new treatment for children with anxiety. As the article says this is in no way blaming parents for anxiety in their children but it supports them to build the skills to assist their child with the challenge of anxiety. 




Learning is alive

This week on a school tour I was lucky to walk into a classroom to see a line debate session taking place. This is a dynamic way to explore issues and a great way to teach students to justify their answers, it also encourages them to see contested views from both sides. I was able to see students volunteering their arguments, in this activity if someone was able to add to their point then they could 'steal' a team member from the opposing side. The arguments unfold and this is a good way to get students to think of all possible points around an argument, especially before they undertake a persuasive writing task. 

This was part of the learning undertaken by staff at the end of Term 1 with Glen Pearsall. I have been reviewing my notes and look forward to posing this question to students - "What is it you want me to notice about your work?" I am interested in hearing their views and using their focus to provide feedback. 

Next week I find myself in the position to teach in each Foundation class, I am excited to be able to explore writing with our youngest students. As a Principal you do not get enough teaching time and I am looking forward to working with our youngest students. 

Mother's Day Stall

Thank you to our wonderful parents who have planned and run a successful Mother's Day stall for our students to visit this week, special mention to Pia and Nancy. This work includes ordering, pricing and selling gifts. Thank you also to the other parent volunteers who have been on the stall.  I hope everyone loves their special gifts this Mother's Day. 

Special thanks also to Laila and Caroline for organizing the Mother's Day Dinner. A lot of time goes into organizing this special event, we hope everyone has a fabulous evening, a delicious meal and a fun time with friends. 

Chess success

Congratulations to Jack, Marvin, Maadhav and Marcus who competed in the Northern Star Chess Primary Open Zonal Chess Tournament. Jack won a silver medal for Year 5/6, Marvin and Maadhav achieved a credit certificate and Marcus won the gold medal for Foundation to 2. Their team came second overall, well done!


National Boys Choir Auditions

We are lucky to have Ruth Tenace as our voice teacher at Boroondara Park PS, she has had an association with the school for the last 16 years. Ruth has also had an association with the National Boys Choir over 13 years. Ruth annually auditions our Year 1 and 2 boys and then sends home information to parents of those who will meet the criteria for the choir. If they are chosen through audition at the school they are then invited to formally audition at the choir in Ringwood. Ruth will be auditioning our Year 1 and 2 boys on Friday May 24th. 

Premier's Reading Challenge

The aim of the Premier's Reading Challenge is to spread the joy of reading throughout our community. For younger children this would mean you might read to your child and that is also included. Our LIbrary Tech May Vos-Rutter has set our students up on Premier's Reading Challenge.