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Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

To celebrate the launch of their new book, Raising Girls Who Like Themselves: In a world that tells them they’re flawed Galilee parents Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon are hosting free online parent masterclasses: Why "I just want my daughter to be happy" is not working in today's society. 

They will share a proven and practical new approach to raising girls to thrive in a world that is crushing so many of their peers. The Masterclasses will run on Tuesday February 9 at 10.30am and Wednesday February 10 at 7.30pm. Click here to save your seat:

TheirCare (G.O.S.H)

Here is a short welcome video from our before and after school care provider, TheirCare. 


You can register and book sessions through their website


Over the Summer School Holidays we had an adventurous Globe Trotting Holiday Program where the children experienced new things, enjoyed obstacle courses, construction bubbles, mosaics, wind up travellers and exciting and interactive incursions such as: Colour Run Bootcamp, Splashtastic incursion, The Treasure Chest Incursion and The Spy Incursion.  We went to the Melbourne Zoo, Mini Golf and to the Movies to see The Croods, New World.  

In the Colour run incursion Lily, Jacob, Silvana, Violet, Ivy ,Maya, Lea, Zoe, Lara and others loved playing tug of war with a long rope. At the very end, the children all threw different colours up in the air so when it landed on them all the children got covered head to toe with rainbow colours.


Here are some of the children's highlights throughout 3 weeks of holiday program:

  • The children learnt new Drama Games, one of them called " Mirror Me" where Annabelle, Evie, Sebastian, Sofia, Sarah, Zoe, Aston, Jessica, Grace, Lily, Roger and Deio had to copy each other's actions.
  • All the children have been talking a lot about the Colour Run Bootcamp Incursion and how they hope it would be put into Holiday Programs for the future.
  • Jake from South Melb introduced the children to an awesome obstacle course that included two lines of chairs and red and blue rings. Ivy, Violet, Lorenzo, Silvana, and Maya took part in all the fun and were quite competitive.

We can't wait to see what Term 1 has in stall for us with upcoming holiday programs and pupil free days. 

Welcome to all the new Preps we hope you have been enjoying coming to school, making new friends and meeting your teachers!

Gemma & The TheirCare Team

Local Drama Classes