Live Love Learn

Dear Families,

Welcome back to the 2021 school year. We hope you have all enjoyed the holidays and some quality time with your child/ren.  We especially welcome our Prep students who have settled into life at Galilee very quickly. They have participated in school tours and met all the Specialist Teachers. We are looking forward to watching their learning journey throughout the school year.


We thank parents for their flexibility in making appointments last week for assessments that were administered by teachers. All staff participated and commented on how valuable it was to learn about the students' achievements. The assessment data that was collected will inform planning and allow teachers to meet individual student learning needs. 


Meet the Teacher meetings took place on Monday and Wednesday of this week. They were a wonderful opportunity for parents/carers to meet their child/ren's new teacher and also provide them with as much information about their child/ren to the new teacher in relation to health, learning etc. We thank you for rearranging your schedule to collect students early on Monday and attend the meetings. These meetings give teachers the opportunity to not only meet you but gain a full understanding of each child within their class.


This year we are fortunate to be welcoming five new staff members to our team; Sarah Jones (Year 1), Karen Jones (Year 2), Amanda Reardon (Year 2), Paul Mapley (Learning Support Officer) and Charlie Griffith (Learning Support Officer). We also welcome Annmaree Pinner (Prep) who has changed roles this year and is now a full time classroom teacher and Amy Burns (Deputy Principal) who has returned to us after some time on Maternity Leave. We thank Brighid Fahy who is replacing Linda Florenca-Grillo as Art Teacher while Linda is on leave. 


Communication is critically important for the relationship that you and your family develop with the school. Please familiarise yourself with the school website and policies. Each Thursday a Bulletin is emailed and always available on the website. They are designed to be read on smart devices. You are also strongly advised to add the Parent Calendar to your phones to access relevant dates. A Term Overview from each Year Level is also sent home each term and the first one for 2021 will be available on Thursday 18th February. We also ask that families connect through Dojo. Communication can be overwhelming when you first begin so take your time to adjust and ask questions if required.


Most families are aware of the reasons by the continuation of a staggered pick-up at the end of each day. Current density limits do not allow for parents to remain on site due to State Government restrictions of one person per metre2. We do not have sufficient space to meet these requirements, even if our whole site was available. This was sent home last week and you are encouraged to read it. 

There is an expectation upon families reading communication sent home by the school for the safety and wellbeing of all.


The Summer Uniform is to be worn in Term One with Sports Uniform to be worn on Friday and when your child participates in Physical Education. Students are required to be in the correct uniform at all times but if not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, a written message should be given to your child's teacher.

Next week, beginning Monday 8th February, these are the days students will need to wear Physical Education uniform:

Prep S - Monday

Prep P - Tuesday

Prep M - Tuesday

Year IJ - Wednesday

Year 1B - Monday

Year 2E - Monday

Year 2R - Tuesday

Year 2J - Tuesday

Year 3M - Monday

Year 3B - Monday

Year 4H - Wednesday

Year 4R - Wednesday

Year 5C - Monday

Year 6M - Tuesday

Year 6F - Tuesday


Please see the school's Uniform Policy on the website.

CSEF Application

The Camp, Sports and Excursion Fund is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.

If you applied for the CSEF at Galilee last year, you do not need to complete an application form unless there has been a change in your family circumstances. You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred: 

  • new student enrolments; your child has started or changed schools in 2020 or you did not apply in 2019.
  • changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2020

Beginning of Year Mass

Tomorrow, Friday 5th February, we will celebrate the beginning of the school year with a Mass at Sts Peter and Paul Church at 9:15am. All students will participate but unfortunately, due to COVID19 restrictions, we are unable to have any parents or visitors attend.  

Year 6 Canberra Camp Meeting

A reminder that tomorrow, Friday 5th February, at 2:30pm, there is a Year 6 Canberra Camp Information session for Year 6 parents. This meeting will take place via Google Meet. A link has been sent home to all Year 6 parents. 

Assemblies and Leadership


Please see above our assembly roster for Term One. We are very keen for parents/carers to be able to enter the school grounds when allowed, despite current regulations. For assemblies parents will be allowed on site with the following conditions:

  • Only those with a child in class performing or receiving an award can attend;
  • Will have to sit outside of the hall;
  • Receive a temperature check and sign a health declaration.

Please note that on Wednesday February 24 (2:40-3:10pm), Year Six students will receive their special tops together with leadership badges. Students from Years 1-5 who have been selected as Social Justice or SRC Leaders will receive their badges. Only parents with children from Year 6 or those from Years 1-6 receiving a leadership badge will be able to attend.

Open Morning

Next Wednesday 10th February, we are holding our first Open Morning. Prospective families from our local area have signed up to attend a small Assembly hosted by our Year 6 leaders and will be taken on guided tours around our school. Due to COVID19 restrictions the numbers of families who can attend the Open Morning have unfortunately been capped. If you are aware of any family who would be interested in attending Galilee in 2022 and they have missed out on a spot at our Open Morning, please ask them to contact the office so that alternate arrangements can be made.

Reconciliation Family Faith Night

Many of our Year 3 students are preparing to receive The Sacrament of Reconciliation, for the first time, later this term. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the Sacraments of healing and restoration. It celebrates the endlessly forgiving mercy of God and the change of heart of all those who turn back to God after sin. 


On Wednesday 10th February, our Year 3 students with their families, have been invited to participate in our Reconciliation Family Faith Night. Students and their families will gather in the Galilee School Hall at 6pm. Together they will participate in activities that encourage them to talk about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 


We thank Helen Rochecouste, the Parish Educators and Parish Priests from Sts. Peter and Paul and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and our Year 3 classroom teachers, Charlotte Biggs and Laura Mason for organising the evening. 


We look forward to seeing our Year 3 students and their families on Wednesday at 6pm.


Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

To celebrate the launch of their new book, Raising Girls Who Like Themselves: In a world that tells them they’re flawed, Galilee parents Kasey Edwards and Dr Christopher Scanlon are hosting free online parent masterclasses: Why "I just want my daughter to be happy" is not working in today's society. 

They will share a proven and practical new approach to raising girls to thrive in a world that is crushing so many of their peers. The Masterclasses will run on Tuesday February 9 at 10.30am and Wednesday February 10 at 7.30pm. Click here to save your seat:

Galilee School Wellbeing Programs

Seasons for Growth

The Seasons for Growth program will continue to be available to students this year.

The program supports children to understand and respond well to the issues they experience due to death, separation, divorce or other significant change and loss in their lives.

The program:

  • Supports children to understand and respond well to the issues they experience as a result of death, separation, divorce or other significant change and loss in their lives
  • Assists children to understand that their feelings and other reactions are normal
  • Develops skills for coping, problem solving and decision making
  • Builds a peer support network
  • Helps restore self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Educates children about the grief process.

Children can be nominated by their parent/carer or teacher and consent is required from their parent/carer.

Peaceful Kids

The Peaceful Kids program will continue to be facilitated in the school this year.

The aims of the program are to:

  • build emotional resilience
  • empower children to self-manage their emotions
  • teach children Mindfulness exercises they can use for life
  • teach children to use a range of effective coping strategies
  • teach children to self-calm
  • develop emotional intelligence skills.

Peaceful Kids is a 5-8 week program for groups of 4 children, with sessions running for approximately one hour each week. Children can be nominated by their parent/carer or teacher/staff members.  All Prep students will complete the Peaceful kids as part of the curriculum.


Peaceful Classrooms

The Peaceful Classrooms program will be introduced in the school this year, with the same aims

as Peaceful Kids (above). Where Peaceful Kids targets children in small groups requiring additional support, Peaceful Classrooms is implemented in the classroom with the whole class, so that all children learn techniques and strategies which will support them throughout their lives. 

Peaceful Classrooms will be implemented by Jane Ferris, our Learning Diversity and Wellbeing Leader. Jane will work in the classrooms each week with the children and teachers, empowering children to regulate their emotions and cope with daily challenges, while building a bank of strategies for life. This whole-school approach will result in the development of a consistent approach and common language across the school.


School Counselling Services

Sharon Cameron is our school counsellor, supporting and monitoring the mental health of various children in the school. Sharon has assisted children suffering from anxiety, depression and social issues in a supportive, calm and engaging manner, building trust and rapport with troubled children, providing ongoing support and understanding for them. As a counsellor, Sharon works with children one-on-one. The counselling service seeks to enhance social, emotional and developmental wellbeing. 


Please email Jane ( and Sharon ( for information about the above programs. Written consent is required for all children for Counselling and Seasons for Growth and for Peaceful Kids in Years 1-6. Peaceful Kids for Preps is part of the school curriculum and will commence in Week 3 for all Prep children to give each child the opportunity to develop skills early in the year in a comfortable, small group setting. 

The Royal Assembly at Galilee

The Royal Assembly visited Galilee School today to work with our Year 3-6 children! Royal Assembly is all about helping kids to be happier, kinder and more confident versions of themselves. The presentation and workshops explored kindness and how this affects and empowers confidence and then as a result, success and achievement. Empowering individuals through kindness is a super effective way to build confidence, respect, understanding of others and to aid in reducing bullying.


The students learnt all about what kindness is and how they can offer more of this to others. They learnt how to fill up their own and others’ kindness buckets and how change can start with just one person. 


The students learnt that confidence can be affected by the people around them, their own experiences and society and were taught how to be kind to themselves and each other in order to keep forging forward. They learnt that GREATNESS is within all of them and being different is amazing! We heard exactly how individuals are planning on presenting their greatness to the world as kind and strong humans with varying dreams and goals. They showed great bravery and confidence by participating in different activities and speaking in front of each other sharing their ideas and opinions. We were so proud of the way they listened to each other and offered kindness throughout the day.


Special guest Madi K from the Voice wowed them with an amazing performance of “Put Your Records On’ and spoke openly with them about her own challenges with self-confidence. The students asked many questions and some were lucky enough to get an autograph from her. 


Today the Grade 3 to 6 students took a giant leap towards making our world a kinder place for everyone and we are so proud of them.


Look for a full report by the children about the day, as well as more photos, in next week’s bulletin!


Building Update

Over the school holidays, CICG was appointed to construct our new building throughout 2021. They have already begun site preparation and dismantling. A delay by a separate contractor has led to the dismantling occurring 2-3 weeks later than scheduled. However, our project manager (CHC) and construction crew are superbly organised already making excellent progress. The current play space will be gradually increased as the construction progresses. This is anticipated to be early in Term Two. 

Danceworld and Galilee

Today, Galilee's partnership with Danceworld began in spectacular fashion. So far we have had an amazing response to the recess and lunchtime classes with over 130 enrolments. This has taken a number of students off the playground and helped ease congestion. Students can choose from Hip Hop, Acrobats, Acting, Ballet, Song and dance. Limited places are still available. For more information visit or feel free to visit the studio next door to Galilee. 



Play Spaces During the Building Project

With the current building project in full swing, we have rearranged our break time play spaces so that students have access to a variety of play options over the course of the school week. For the first two weeks back at school, students have been scheduled onto outdoor yard space and indoor play space areas. We are currently allowing students to play within the hall, library, park street, on the playground, on the grassed area, in some classrooms and we have create nooks around the school where students are supervised and have access to whiteboards, paper, pencils and board games. We have had a very successful first week with the indoor and outdoor play spaces operating without much congestion.


From week 3, students will have the opportunity to sign up to teacher led clubs at break times. Clubs include, but are not limited to; debating, craft, sport and dance.  Students will be receiving information about the clubs they can sign up to next week. We anticipate that clubs will free up play spaces to a greater extent and will give students access to some wonderful opportunities. 



Simon Millar

Principal of Galilee