Assistant Principals Report

Dyson’s School Buses

The Department of Education & Training Student Transport Unit publish clear “Conditions of Travel” for students who catch the school bus to and from school.


The vast majority of students conduct themselves consistently well on the buses but it would be would be appreciated if parents could make themselves familiar with these expectations and reinforce them with their child.

Conditions Of Travel

To ensure the safety of all passengers on school buses, the following conditions apply at all times.


Students must agree to the following:

  • Obey instructions from the driver, supervisor, school staff or principal
  • Be punctual at the pick-up or drop-off point (morning and afternoon)
  • Wait at the stop in an orderly fashion and do not approach the vehicle until it has stopped
  • Enter and leave the vehicle in an orderly manner
  • Not move around the vehicle in transit but remain seated at all times
  • Ensure they and any object in their possession remains in the vehicle and does not protrude out of windows or doors
  • Not behave aggressively or endanger other students, driver, supervisor, school staff or principal
  • Not engage in boisterous conduct, including the use of offensive language or any action that may cause distress to other students or distract the driver/supervisor
  • Converse quietly and not call out to passing traffic or fellow students
  • Store bags in accordance with advice from the supervisor
  • Only use their allocated vehicle; this will not be changed to meet sporting or social arrangements

Treat others with courtesy and consideration

Not throw any object within or from a vehicle

Not consume food or drink on/in a SDTP transport service

Follow and abide by the school's code of conduct while travelling on a bus

Non-compliance with any of the above conditions may result in the following:

  • The driver will stop the bus
  • The student’s name and full details of the breach will be recorded
  • The student will be transported to school or to their normal drop off

The breach will be reported to the principal (in Concord case “assistant principal”)

The principal or AP will take disciplinary measures in accordance with the SDTP policy

In rare and exceptional circumstances, and only as a last resort, drivers are authorised to eject passengers from a bus


Following the report of a relevant incident, the principal may take the disciplinary action below:

  • First offence – verbal warning to student
  • Second offence – written warning to parent/guardian
  • Third offence – one week suspension of student from school bus travel
  • Fourth offence – the student will not be allowed to travel on the school bus for the remainder of the year

A serious offence that endangers other students, transport service staff or property will result in immediate suspension.


Please contact Colin Simpson (Assistant Principal) if you have any questions.


Kirrily Lamers, Colin Simpson & Kath Moore

Assistant Principals