Principal's Report               

Important Dates

Enjoy Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday and I hope that you are lucky enough to have a bet on the winner. Please note that school is operating as normal on Monday 31st October and we will still be teaching our full range of quality learning programs.


Another upcoming date to remember is the Pupil Free Day on Monday 28th November.

Secondary Sports Day

The Secondary Sports Day was held last Friday and was extremely successful. Most students were proudly dressed in their house colours and they enthusiastically participated in the activities that were planned by Courtney, Megan and Etaoin.


Despite predictions of wet weather, the rain stayed away for most of the day allowing the students to participate in the walk-a-thon, sports day and student-teacher touch football match.

Annual Christmas Concert

This year the Annual Christmas Concert will be held on the evening of Monday 12th December on the Loyola Oval which is at the rear of our Bundoora Campus in Gleeson Drive.  


It is important that all students from Prep-Year 10 attend on this evening as the classes will have spent considerable time rehearsing their items and they require all students to be present. As well as class performances and the BBQ there will be a visit from a special man who has a beard and wears a red suit!


Further details in regard to the Christmas concert will be provided in coming weeks.


We look forward to seeing many family and friends coming along to enjoy a great evening. 

Staffing Update

The staffing for 2017 has been finalised.


The Team Leaders for 2017 are:


Lower Primary - Kath Moore (Assistant Principal)

Upper Primary - Chris Norman

Secondary 7-8 - Helen Edmonds

Secondary 9-10 - Sarah Abbott

Secondary 11-12 - Warren Gaff

Bundoora Specialists - Christine Pillot



The Teaching and Learning Leaders for 2017 are:


Lower Primary - Lisa Wiedermann (Professional Learning Community Leader)

Upper Primary - Jessica Fitzsimons

Secondary 7-8 - Karen Hickling

Secondary 9-10 - Caroline Inglis (Professional Learning Community Leader)

Secondary 11-12 - Tim Clarke

Bundoora Specialists -  Vera Mitchell


Every year the subject of homework is brought up by parents in the Parent Opinion Survey. The difficulty with this is that some parents are strongly in favour of it but most are not.


If parent/carers are seeking homework for their child, they should have a conversation with their child's classroom teacher and homework will be given.


It is the general view of the school  however that we do not create stressful situations for the child or the parent/carer as homework should consolidate on your child's learning and be able to be supported by the parent/carer. It is important for our students that they have a healthy balance in their life between school, leisure and social activities. 

Wearing of Caps and Hats

With the weather becoming warmer, please remember that only school caps and hats may be worn. Caps ($7) and broad brimmed hats ($10) can be purchased from the school office. 


Staff and students in the Primary Sections are expected to wear hats while outside during terms 1 and 4.  Staff and students in the Secondary Section are strongly encouraged to wear hats while outside during terms 1 and 4.  If it is a day in which UV levels are dangerous, students without official school caps will be directed to play only in designated shade or indoor areas.

Principal's Award

The principal's award goes to Travis.


Travis is an enthusiastic student and gives everything his best efforts.  He takes care in completing his work and eagerly participates in all areas of the curriculum and is excited to show off his abilities.


Travis is very well liked by both his peers and staff.  He was a wonderful Class Captain and demonstrated outstanding leadership and took on the responsibility with diligence.

Travis is determined to do well and I can’t wait to see how he will grow and fulfil his potential in the future.


"Students striving to be the best they can be"


Jason Coningsby