principal's message

winter magic market wonder

I know I say this every year, but WOW - what a community! Thank you everyone for your engagement in our Winter Magic Market and for helping make it such a hit again this year. The Winter Magic Market is obviously a fantastic fundraiser for our school, regularly bringing profits of $30K+ even when the hail is falling; but there is so much more to this event. Many community members talked about the exciting buzz and hum that filled the school in the lead-up to the big day; some newer families commented on the sense of community that was built through cooperative and collaborative groups working together in preparation; every year we learn more about our community members - their strengths and interests; we also get to celebrate and demonstrate our values to the wider community, but the best part of all... the messaging Winter Magic Market gives to our students. In the lead up, on the day and thereafter, our young people have the opportunity of seeing their family and friends involved in school activities, they see the strength of a community working together to achieve something bigger than we could do on our own, they see grown ups in their lives connecting with each other and caring for others, they see their community,  teachers and school staff donating their time, resources, talents and belongings to a great cause.

We do not yet have the final profit figure for this year’s market, but the social success was evident from the start. So I want to thank you for your involvement and support, thank you for your engagement in our school community and the lives of the young people within it.

Last but not least, I want to thank Tanya Pittard for again organising this year’s Winter Magic Market! The number of hours, phone calls, emails, school and shop visits as well as the organisation and persuasive talents demonstrated by Tanya were yet again remarkable. Each year Tanya takes on feedback and ideas of how to improve our market from previous years. To keep a cool head when feeling responsible for a party of thousands is an enviable talent that our whole community are thankful for.

If you are interested in helping to organise our Winter Magic Market next year, or to join our Community Events Team (CET) and assist with other school events, please contact Tanya Pittard, Stacey Roberts or the front office for information on how you can get involved.

national anthem - school council vote

At last night’s School Council, we met to discuss the motion put forward by staff and students to reduce the frequency with which the school plays the National Anthem. Council discussed the various elements to be considered - the meaning of a National Anthem for groups of people past and present; how relevant the lyrics are today; how people with varied cultural backgrounds may feel about it and what role our school has in making change. A decision has been made that we will limit singing the National Anthem to the first Monday of each month (approximately twice a term) with other songs played in the intermittent weeks. School Council still want to discuss what songs might be played in the weeks in between, which we hope to decide on at our next meeting. I want to thank everyone for your involvement in this discussion; for the emails and messages sent to the school, for the conversations had at home, in the playground and the classroom and for the measured and thoughtful approach many families have had to this discussion. It is exciting to demonstrate to our students that they are heard, but to also show that we must not make reactive decisions, instead researching and considering all opinions and points of view.