Camps & Excursions

Robotics Incursion

Reminder that this is a user-pays basis incursion and must be paid to attend. Statements will be sent tomorrow with details of outstanding fees. Please contact the office with any que


Thank you to those families that responded to our camps questionnaire, this helped us with calculating costs. We received a small contribution towards the Canberra camp and have now finalised our costings for camps below.

  • Grade 3/4 camp to Toolangi will be $365 per student (2 nights/3 day)
  • Grade 5/6 camp to Canberra will be $560 per student (4 nights/5 day)

Both these camps are on a user-pays basis and payment will be required prior to camp. Those that are eligible for CSEF, can use these funds towards your child's camp.


Fees have been raised on your account for those wanting to make instalments for these camps.