Principal's Report

Dear families,



Sadly, it is Mrs Hines’ last day on Friday. It has been a pleasure to have her on staff and we are extremely sorry to see her go. We do hope that she will keep in contact come back and visit. 


This week we have held interviews for the three positions we have available in Term 3. We are extremely pleased to say that we had several quality applicants and are very pleased with the selection we have made. 



On Tuesday students from Grades 3-6 will have the opportunity to participate in Robotics on the Road. 

This STEM program brings one of Scienceworks' most successful workshops to students in regional areas.

Robotics on the road is a hands-on, incursion program that engages students in logic and algorithmic thinking, requiring students to write instructions for their robot using block-based programming language.

Students work in pairs with MBots and iPads, developing STEM skills such as problem solving, creativity and innovation as they code, debug and collaborate to achieve a motivating end-goal. The program will also engage students in considering STEM future careers and applications.



It is with great excitement we announce the arrival of Amee & Alex's twins, a boy Xander and a girl, Charlotte. We look forward to a visit soon.


Have a great weekend,

Regards Heather