Auslan Extra!

Howdy Families, Carers and the Armstrong Creek community, 


Here is the 2nd version of Auslan Extra…. 


So how did you go with the first one, with greetings and conveying emotions? Hope it was neither too fast nor too slow! 


I have received a few questions - I will answer two of the questions below and will provide answers to the other questions each fortnight going forward. 


One of the questions related to which hand should be used when signing. Well, I am glad you asked… Your dominant hand (the hand with which you usually throw, pick up a cup or write) leads. If a sign only requires one hand, use your dominant hand and if a sign requires two hands, the dominant hand leads and your non-dominant hand ‘supports’. 


This one isn’t really a question but it did challenge me as to benefits of learning Auslan apart from communicating with deaf/hard of hearing people. It got me thinking and I’ve come up with what I think are the top 10 reasons for learning Auslan. Do you hear the drum roll… 


                10. You can communicate through a closed window 

                9. Sign Language is a 3D language 

                8. You can sign with your mouth full 

                7. Hearing parents can communicate with their deaf/hard of hearing child/ren 

                6. You can sign under water

                5. Sign Language is a neat way to express yourself

                4. You can communicate across a room without shouting 

                3. Sign Language is beautiful 

                2. You can make friends with deaf/hard of hearing people 

                1. Auslan brings hearing and deaf people together as one community. 


Hopefully this provides enough reason to learn! 


Bring on the questions and/or challenges and I will try my best to answer and share them within the community. 


In this YouTube clip, colours are demonstrated. Next week will be a special video related to the theme of ‘Footy” and will include a quiz. It will be my turn to challenge you and if you know your colours in Auslan, this will help you achieve a perfect score! Keep an eye out for the next YouTube clip this coming Wednesday. 


YouTube Clip – Colours

Enjoy, and happy learning. 


Andrew Welshe