Student Wellbeing

Another Successful Initiative- Concord School’s SRC in 2019


It is thanks to the SRC that Year 12 students now have Bomber Jackets as a part of their uniform. These jackets were first suggested and then designed by SRC members and have now become a reality.


August SRC Meeting

The minutes of the August meet are below and there were even more excellent suggestions.



•             The Upper Primary basketball hoop has been installed and is very popular

•             The suggestion of the Torres Strait Island flag being at Concord has been accepted and will be added to the front of the school with the Australian and Aboriginal flags

•             The music has been fixed and will be playing Grease themed songs for the next 4 weeks leading up to the performance.

•             A new Secondary 7/8 Minecraft lunchtime club has started.

The above suggested items by SRC have been accepted and implemented and celebrated by the SRC team as a wonderful achievement for student voice at Concord school.



•             Saif, Naihi, James, Jacob(Upper Primary)

-Recommended songs to be held over to next meeting as we are now playing Grease music

- A suggestion for a calming space during class time. Colin said that the Wellbeing team is investigating this at the moment, great idea.

- Students would like more toys in the sand pit. Team leader to consider request

- Students would like to know how they can get Poppy to visit their classroom. Colin said that Trish and Poppy are making their way around the school but request a visit with Trish directly.

- Students wanted the leaky courtyard to be fixed. Colin said that this was an ongoing maintenance issue and we were hoping to get some assistance from DET

- Students would like an Upper primary garden area. Colin said to discuss this with the Team Leader.

- Students are concerned with Sec 7/8 students hogging the new basketball ring. Colin said yard duty teachers will be supportive with this issue

- Students would like school banking to be introduced. Colin will direct this request to the Business Manager

- Students would like to wear black beanies at break time and long sleeves under school tops. Colin said that would be okay for the beanies before school and Upper primary students could wear long sleeves under their school tops


•             Josh, Alex (Sec 11/12)

-Students would like to wear leggings. Colin said that students can wear leggings or black tights under skirts but not on their own!

-Students would like to have zips in pockets of sports shorts. This suggestion will be taken to Deb W

- Students think we should get a new bus and SRC could raise funds for it. Colin said that discussion has been held regarding this and more information will become available at future meetings but fundraising through SRC would not be necessary but was a very thoughtful suggestion.

- Students would like a staff/student footy game on Footy Day. Colin said this will be organised


•             Scott, Sierra, Roger, Chris, Jack (Sec 7/8)

- Students would like a tennis court. Discussion was held and no suggestions for placement were realistic.

- A hot dog day was suggested. This will not happen as Concord is working on a healthy eating policy

- Students would like a disco. Colin said to please take this request to team leader

- Students asked if they could wear non uniform black coats. Colin said the uniform spray jacket is available and the Sec 12 students may be getting special bomber jackets soon.

- Students would like new basketball nets. Colin said that this will happen across the school

- Students would like the Police to play Sec 7/8 students at the next game. Colin said that this could be arranged for Footy Colours Day

- Discussion was held regarding removing the concrete seats around the Sec 7/ 8 basketball court. Students felt this was unsafe. Colin agreed and will look into this request.

- A suggestion was made about a student newsletter. Colin said maybe students could discuss this in Newspaper club.

- Discussion was held regarding State School Spectacular. This will be considered in 2020.

- Students would like new furniture in the section. Section Leaders to consider please.


•             Hassan, Lachlan (Sec 9/10)

-Students would like the Gym open on Wet day timetables. Colin will take this to Leadership

- Discussion was held regarding Footy day. A vote for the charity that the day will raise money for was held however as part of Footy Colours Day the nominated charity is “Fight Cancer”  School Captains will collect money from the classroom on the day.


Colin Simpson

Assistant Principal