Student Health& Wellbeing

Reminder to keep your children at home if unwell

We would just like to remind you to keep your child at home if they are unwell or still recovering from a recent contagious condition.

Children who are suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, the flu, chest infections, chicken pox, whooping cough or other contagious conditions need to be kept at home until they are completely recovered.


We also have a student here at Castlemaine Secondary, who is currently receiving medical treatment and as a result is very susceptible to infections. If this young person develops in particular measles or chicken pox, they can become seriously ill.



It is impossible to avoid all infections, but by taking precautions, we can lower the risk of catching and spreading them to each other and to particularly more vulnerable classmates.

Also remember to let the school know if your child has an infectious illness.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.


Please contact school nurse, Alli on 0457516931, or if you have any questions.


During Term 2 the Wellbeing Team at Castlemaine Secondary College will be offering the Seasons for Growth program. Seasons for Growth is an innovative grief and loss program that uses the imagery of the seasons to illustrate the experience of grief.

Seasons for Growth aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people who are dealing with significant life changes by exploring the impact of the change and loss on everyday life and learning new ways to respond to these changes.

The program supports young people affected by change and loss, including:

• Friendship changes

• Loss of someone or something you love

• Parents and families separation

• Moving to a new place

• Impact of illness

• Family work-life changes

The program will run during school hours and will take place in a small group context. Interested students and parents can contact Lisa Cochrane on 5479 1111 for further information.