FRRR- Reaping Rewards Program


The VCAL/ FLO Program is thrilled to announced we were successful in a $10,000 grant application  for our COMMUNITY- CONNECT Project.


The Community Connect grant will support arrange of activities that FLO (Flexible Learning Options) and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) students will be participating in over the next 12 months.

Some of these projects will including working with Main-FM radio, Castlemaine Football/Netball Club, Konjo Mama Ethiopian Food Van,  Castlemaine Billy Cart Race, Harcourt Miniature Railway, and a few other projects still to be developed.


The grant will be used to employ sessional workers, and buy materials on a ‘needs basis’. More details will be outlined in future newsletters.

Groovin The Moo- Bendigo.


Most people in Central Victoria know of Groovin The Moo (GTM) as a large music festival held in Bendigo each year.

But over the past few years it has provided a platform for VCAL and FLO students to become involved in some behind the scenes activities involved in hosting a large scale concert such as this.

This year Teegan, Jesse, Tiffany and Steph all volunteered in a work experience capacity at the front gate checking bags and handing out maps for 4 hours in exchange for seeing the rest of the concert for free.

One of the more interesting projects was designing 30 cushions for one of the ‘chill-out’ spaces. This involved enthusiastic VCAL students getting cushion inserts from op-shops, and with a combination of tie-dying and pure design, created a product that was not only unique but had high impact.

Once we had inserts and materials, the Etty St classroom was turned into a workshop for the week as students hand designed covers and learnt some sewing skills along the way. For the 7 students who were involved for the week they were gifted a ticket to the concert in return. And, from all reports everyone was pretty happy with that outcome!


Tabloid Sports

On Friday, 18th May, Castlemaine Secondary College once again hosted the Tabloid Sports with over 500  prep to grade 1  students from all the local primary schools participating in a round of non-competitive activities on the oval at the Blakeley Road campus.


This year over 40 VCAL students and VET Outdoor Recreation students manned 20 stations by running and explaining each game to groups of 20 students in a 10 minute rotation. By the end of the day each student had participated in 10 different and varied activities.


The Outdoor Recreation students had a preparatory ‘run-through’ with year 7 students earlier in the week, while VCAL students ironed out any glitches with students from Campbells Creek Primary School.

Feedback from all the schools was extremely positive and both teachers and parents were highly impressed with how our students ran and organised the event.