Reconciliation Week &

Sorry Day

To mark the beginning of National Reconciliation Week we had a special presentation assembly on Monday 28th May. During this event we had local Indigenous elder Aunty Julie preform a traditional Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony (an ancient custom among Indigenous Australians that involves burning various native plants to produce smoke), which had our indigenous students helping. All our students had the opportunity to  walk through the smoke to cleanse and ward off bad spirits. Aunty Julie presented one of the local teachings (stories) about Waa and Bungil.


Then during  period 5 and 6, all students across the College will had the opportunity to add artwork to the Collaborative Mural. This is being coordinated by Kath Coff, utilising the assistance of local artist Daikota Nelson (former student). 









Attached is School Captain - Des Cook's speech and above is Vice Captain - Sidney Showell's address on Saturday at the Sorry Day Commemoration and opening of the Reconciliation Exhibition in the Market Building.