Performing Arts News

Dance News

Congratulations to all students that performed in the Dance Showcase on the 24th and 25th October 2019. The show was a success with students involved from all year levels performing learnt dance works and their own choreography.


Well done to Honey Stoove, Siobhan Henderson, Gorran Katinic and Eadie Rawson who completed their Unit 3/4 external Dance solo examinations last month. Good luck with their final Dance exam this month.


Preparation for 2020 Dance/Acrobatics classes are underway and open to all students wanting to be involved.  A meeting will be held at lunchtime in the first week of December

Arts Week 

Thank you to our Arts Captains who organized last week’s activities for Arts Week:

 Chalk drawing on Monday lunchtime –Chisholm Captains Violette Spataro & Eloise Webb

“Just Dance” on Wednesday lunchtime- Lyons Captains Ophelia Murray, Julia Wang & Evie Scott

Open Mic on Thursday lunchtime-Melba Captains Alex Morris & Bea James

Masked Singer on Friday lunchtime- Maris Captains Lily Hopkinson, Abi Williams & Darby Stoffel


Thank you to our 5 teachers who entered into the spirit of the Masked Singer to dress up on such a hot day and perform!


Did you guess who they were? Here are their clues to help:


Masked Singer #1

On my first day of prep I came home with a lunchbox full of crickets that I’d collected at lunchtime.

 I played woodwind in a high school band, but now wish I took singing lessons

 I have a sibling who plays drums for Dan Sultan and is in a band that toured with Gotye

 I was embarrassed to admit to Julia Zemiro in an interview that the first concert I attended was Alanis Morriset because I really wanted it to be Pearl Jam

 My first television appearance was on Totally Wild in 2005.


Unicorn Masked Singer

‘Music and song transcend linguistic boundaries. Whether uttered in the words of the Welsh valleys, the language of the Roman emperors or the lament of the slaves. Let me, let my people go’


Dinosaur Masked Singer

You could say I’m still not over high school (as once a student and now a teacher at MGC)

I love all things cat, especially sweet natured tuxedo boys (that was the description on the flier for my cat we since adopted.

I think homework is really cool (as I run Homework Club)


Gorilla Masked Singer

Clue 1: I speak another language.

Clue 2: I love k-dramas (Korean drama)

Clue 3: Hate tofu.

Clue 4: Love wearing some leopard print.


Panda Masked Singer

My sister was a student at MGC

I was a student teacher at MGC in 2002 

Year 12 students gave me a medal in 2003 for the best dancing teacher at the formal and I have worn that award at formals a number of times since then


Check out the bottom of this page to see if you were right!!


A huge thank you to Bronwyn Marie Johnson for her invitation which enabled six MGC musicians to attend Saturday’s “A Conversation on Culture and Climate Action”, in collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project. As well as featuring a live performance by the renowned Yo-Yo Ma, Allara Briggs Pattison, from SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network also performed and we heard from artist Gabrielle de Vetri, Dr David Koroly from the CSIRO, Prof. Peter Doherty, AO Nobel Laureate and CLIMARTE ambassador, Harriet O’Shea from Schools Strike 4 Climate and our own MGC Environmental Captain, Daisy Batten!

Thank you again Bronwyn for this exciting opportunity “to explore and celebrate all the ways that culture makes us stronger as individuals, as communities, as a society and as a planet.” The Bach Project.

Year 11 Performance Evening

Congratulations to our Year 11 drama and music students who performed on Tuesday evening, 12th November as the  culmination of their Unit 2 work. Thank you to all parents and friends who attended and especially to our year 11 Deans, Brooke O’Callaghan and Andrew Beck. We wish our students all the best with their upcoming Unit 2 exams and beyond!

Year 11 Music:

Helen Alonso (cello) Eirene Carajias (sax) Jasmine Frazer (Drums) Anya Hemley (voice) Lily Hopkinson (voice) Daisy Huang (Flute) Tiffany Li (violin) Jessica Liu (violin) Melinda Nguyen (piano) Jocelyn Phuong (piano) )Lucia Stella (voice)Sylvia Wei (piano) Viva Wilton (sick) and Charlie Young (trumpet) 


Year 11 Drama:

Anne Corry & Lindy Mummé

Instrumental Music

Thank you to all our parents for their continued support of the Instrumental Program at MGC.

Just a reminder that if your daughter wants to continue her lessons at MGC next, that the re-enrolment form is due by Wednesday, 27th November.

Want to learn an instrument at MGC next year? We offer group and individual lessons for the following instruments:

Woodwind-flute, clarinet, saxophone

Beginner Brass-trumpet and trombone

Strings: Violin, viola and cello

Voice: Contemporary and Classical




Our Music Camp at Urban Camp for 2020 has been approved. Please reserve this date on your calendar for 2020: Friday 17th – Sunday 19th April. (first weekend of Term 2)

Masked Singer Answers!!

Mr Vance, Madame Lloyd, Ms Hajzler, Ms Cameron-Martin & Ms Trujillo.