MGC staying the course on the NPS (National Parks Scheme)

It’s term 4 and we are a couple of months into our transition to reducing waste to landfill at MGC. We’re proud of our achievements so far. Here are but a few…

  1. The school’s Canteen team have introduced new biodegradable packaging for food prepared on site and take away hot drinks to minimise the canteen waste for products that cannot be placed into customers’ own reusable packaging.
  2. Feedback from students has identified the increased level of unprocessed, fresh food that is being consumed, which is an associated benefit of consuming minimally packaged food.
  3. The compost cones are being well used and contamination is low. As a community we are diverting a large amount of food waste from landfill.
  4. Students are taking advantage of reusable container and drink bottle giveaways. If they pick up some rubbish they get a reusable container and drink bottle. It’s brilliant!
Some year 7s handing out water bottles.
Some year 7s handing out water bottles.
Zero waste lunches around the school.
Zero waste lunches around the school.

Here are the key things that we’re asking all members of the MGC community to do…


  1. Take your waste home with you
  2. Make sure you classroom is clean for the next class, turn off all electricals and lock the room behind you
  3. Turn up to your yard duty and ask students to place any waste around them straight into the nearest reusable container so it doesn’t blow away


Education Support Staff:

  1. Take your waste home with you



  1. Make your own lunch that has as little packaging as possible
  2. Take your waste home with you



  1. Make it as easy as possible for your child to make a lunch with little or no packaging
  2. Encourage your child not to be a litterer. Check their lunchbox and make sure that any packaging that leaves home, returns home.


No doubt people are aware of this, but this whole thing will take time and it is not usual to go through some pain when behavioural and cultural change is being asked of people. Furthermore, it’s important to bear in mind that it is in the nature of some young people to rebel a little in the face of change like this. Again, let’s work together as a community that cares about creating a better future for the young women we love and care for. We simply must stop putting our own convenience above what is best for the planet and the futures of our daughters.  If you’re interested in following our journey please see Instagram zerowasteschoolsaustralia

As always, any comments, questions and concerns can be directed to Paula McIntosh.