Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates assemblies on the following dates:

Friday 30th July

Tyler E (PA) - For the amazing effort he put into all his Remote Learning tasks. Thank you Tyler for doing your Personal Best  with all your literacy and numeracy work, your tasks were a delight to read. What a champion!

Alma W (PB) - For consistently challenging herself and producing amazing work. Alma has a love of learning that is so admirable and inspiring to her peers and teachers. Thank you Alma, for always working hard to achieve your Personal Best work. We are incredibly proud of you!

From Mrs Rosthorn and Mrs Lindsay

Jed S (12A) - For his outstanding effort in writing during remote learning. He's had wonderful ideas and very neat handwriting. Keep it up Superstar!

 Lachlan P (12B) - For being a superstar helper in our class who is always eager to help the teacher and support your peers in their learning. Well done!

 Jed P (12C) - For being an enthusiastic class member during our WebEx meetings and demonstrating fantastic Personal Best efforts during remote learning. Amazing work Jed!

Amaya I (34A) -  For the fantastic effort you put into your work. Amaya is always focused in class, starts her tasks right away and always tries her Personal Best. You are a great role model for others! Great job, Amaya! 

Cooper B (34B) -  For completing tasks during remote learning to the best of his ability. Cooper is a quiet achiever, who is really impressing his teachers by applying his understandings and skills. We can't wait to see his Olympic tasks when we return to school and share them with the class. Well done Cooper- you are a star!

Akaljot S (34C) - For all the amazing work you achieved when on remote learning. You are a Superstar!

Dove A (56A) - For showing resilience and a great attitude through Remote Learning. You always did your personal best at tasks and submitted high quality work. Well done. 

Abtin G (56B)  – For your continued commitment to your learning through the last few weeks remotely. It’s amazing to see your enthusiasm through Webex and willingness to ask questions and try your Personal Best everyday.


Friday 6th August

Xander S (PA) - For showing a fantastic attitude to his learning. Xander has been really confident when writing  and he completes more tasks independently. Keep up the hard work Xander!

Memphis C (PB) - For displaying his character strength of Curiosity during our learning sessions. Memphis has an eagerness to find answers to the questions that are important to him. Memphis, you encourage your friends and teachers to always ask 'why', and you show persistence when you search for information. We love hearing all about your discoveries. 

From Mrs Rosthorn and Mrs Lindsay

Matthew R (12A) - For having a cheerful attitude and always giving his best. It's lovely to see Matthew put in lots of effort and participate in group discussions. Top notch work!

Rosie W (12B) - For putting in your personal best effort on all of your remote learning tasks and joining our class Webex each day with a smile. Well done, Rosie!

Harkeerat K (12C) - For always showing Mutual Respect values towards her peers and being eager to challenge herself in her learning tasks during remote learning.  Amazing work Harkeerat!

 Lucy B (34A) - For doing her Personal Best during Remote Learning. I have been so impressed with the quality of your work and the effort you have shown. Great job Lucy!  

Riley T (34B) -  For engaging in and sharing his remote learning tasks with his teachers. Riley has worked hard to compete tasks as asked and presented his work neatly, editing his spelling and using capitals for proper nouns. We appreciate the effort you are making Riley and the perseverance needed to complete your work. We are really impressed. Keep up the great work!

Lenny H (34C) - For joining in on our daily WebEx meetings throughout Lockdown 5.0 and all the wonderful work you submitted.

Brandan (56A) - For the amazing effort you have been putting into school this term. It has been so wonderful to see you doing your personal best in the classroom and during remote learning. It’s been great seeing you in Webex each day and getting to read your fantastic learning tasks. Well done!

Florence B (56B) - You always set an incredible example for the younger students through remote learning at school. The way you are able to focus on your learning tasks in the morning, then support others throughout the day shows what a great leader you are.