Student Reflections

Lightening Prem Reflection

Mixed Basketball 

Kaleb, Alana, Hugo, Tildy, Leyla, Hughie, Ken and Lenny did so well and I’m so proud of the whole team for showing good sportsmanship and cheering everyone on, even from different teams. We played GLC three times and Torquay Coast once and the other teams played well. We won the Grand Final and we all had fun doing it. Thanks to all the teachers that organised the whole thing it was so fun. Thank you all for cheering every team on and never showing bad sportsmanship. Thanks to all the parents that helped and watched us play. Thanks to Steve, Emma, Michelle, Zoe and Rhiarn.



We got to school, got our jerseys, then got into teams. We went by bus from ACS to St Catherine of Siena. Once we got there, we sat and listened to the organiser and then we started playing. Ben and Belinda were our coaches of Volleycatch and Volleystars. The first game we played we both versed St Catherine of Siena and we won. The next game we played was on small nets and we played against Nazareth Primary, and again we won. All games went for 25 minutes but it seemed longer. Our team was on the top of the ladder for the first three games. The fourth game we played against GLC and sadly we lost. We made it to the finals but lost to Nazareth. We would like to say thank you to all the staff who came to coach and support us. Thank you, Ben, Belinda, Rhiarn, Zoe and all parent helpers.  



We went across the road to play cricket. We versed Torquay Coast, Nazareth, and St Catherine of Siena. We got beaten in both games, but we improved in the second game. All that matters is that we had fun. We would like to thank Rhiarn and Zoe for organising the event and the teachers for helping set up this cool event and coaching for the day. 



On the 4th of April, we had a girls AFL Gala Day at South Barwon Reserve. There were seven different schools competing and Western Heights helping. We played 8-minute halves and 5-minute breaks in-between games. The ovals were split into two and we couldn’t throw the ball and could only bounce once. The teams were tough, and we didn’t win, but we all had a lot of fun. We enjoyed tackling and running around the field. The bus ride was so fun, everybody was so cheerful and happy. We all sang songs such as Wheels on the bus, Abc’s and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We want to thank Rhiarn and Zoe for organising it, and Cam and Emma for coaching us.