News from the Learning Community

Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 Learning Community. Our SRC representatives are explaining how we show Care, Collaboration and Commitment in Year 5.


This video has been created by Max, Olivia, Billie, Elaina. Max created the music for this video.

Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Learning Community!

Come on in and meet the teachers. 

If you see us around , please ‘hello’. We look forward to meeting you.

Year 7-9

Welcome to the 7-9 Learning Community!


Over the past few weeks the 7-9 students have helped design a common room for all of Secondary to use during lunch outside play. The students made a list of items and activities they wanted to have in the common room and almost every request was granted (a slushy machine was definitely not in the budget, sorry kids). The students have loved having a space where they can go to do structured activities with their friends. We have many exciting things planned for our common room, including a table tennis competition and a dance off! 


Please enjoy a video documenting our common room progress so far.