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A Spotlight on Writing at ACS

Spotlight on Learning

Writing with Year 2 Teacher, Nicole Page  

At Armstrong Creek School, we provide a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of writing. We organise writing skills, strategies and techniques into five components. These include:


Transcription: Spelling and handwriting

Writing Craft: Word choices and vocabulary


Text Structure: Linking words and text organisation


Syntax: Grammar and punctuation


Critical Thinking: Generating writing ideas


As students develop these components over time, they become increasingly strategic and automatic in their writing. Quality writing instruction enhances additional literacy development including reading comprehension, speaking and listening, organisation skills and analytical capabilities.


We are also committed to extending high-ability students. Across Year 1 and Year 2, selected students engage in additional writing workshops to boost their confidence and practise increasingly complex skills. This writing time is protected, meaning extraneous load is reduced and time is dedicated to clear teacher instruction and student practise.


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