Michael Kan
Michael Kan


Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend an optional camp at Portsea last week which provided them with the chance to enjoy activities such as kayaking, the giant swing, high ropes courses, hiking, learning and using survival skills and trivia.


By all accounts, everyone had a fabulous time, even if it was a little chilly! 

Thank you to all the staff for making this such a positive relationship building experience for the students. I would like to thank Meagan Cross and David Machin for coordinating this important Year 10 event.


Our annual Winter Concert is to be held at the Robert Blackwood Hall on Wednesday 24 August. Rehearsals are well and truly underway. This is always an impressive occasion and a highlight on the school calendar!

I encourage parents, grandparents and friends to attend and celebrate together the showcase of musical talent of our students. You can purchase tickets here or through the Monash University booking office. Students who are performing do not require a ticket.



I thank the music team for their efforts and look forward to a very successful event.


As previously advised, the Department of Transport has provided an additional bus service (route 626 deviations) to accommodate our students traveling from the east campus. This service is now confirmed to commence from Monday 8 August.


Attached is the map and timings, or you can find more information on the PTV website.

Can I please also remind you that students are required to use a MYKI to tap on if you are using this service.


I would like to remind parents/carers to keep children home when they’re sick - no matter what their illness may be.


Just because your child tests negative for COVID-19, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be in a classroom with other students.


COVID-19 isn’t the only illness that’s easily transmitted and whilst we are taking every precaution possible, schools can be a prime spot for other infections and illnesses.


As previously outlined, the Department of Health strongly recommends that face masks are worn in indoor settings. Face masks are mandatory for those aged 8 and over who are household contacts and attending school. This is because wearing a mask is effective in reducing the transmission of COVID-19.


We encourage all students and staff to wear masks, knowing that this simple act goes a long way in keeping our community safe. Disposable masks are available at multiple places at both campuses, including the General Offices, Student Manager Offices and Sick Bay.


I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Thank you to everyone for the exceptional effort with uniform. I would like this to continue. It takes everyone working together. 


We have two non-negotiables for students: to be at school by 8:30am and for full uniform to be worn appropriately. This is fundamental to our value of respect. Please remember that the school blazer must be worn to and from school each day in Term 2 and 3.


I really appreciate everyone working together on these matters.


Michael Kan

Acting Principal