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Sensical TV: A safe video streaming platform for kids

Finally. A safe kids video haven is here and it’s free!

Common Sense  Media is the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families when it comes to reviews and objective advice for all digital media, including tv shows, apps and games.

Sensical.tv by Common Sense Media allows children to safely explore thousands of videos across tons of safe, age-appropriate channels built around the topics kids love. Sensical TV has a huge array of educational topics and, for those kids who love ‘youtuber’ style content, you’ll find videos that include tutorials for arts, sports tricks, games, hobbies and robotics!


Why should we move our kids from YouTube to Sensical TV?

YouTube is a social networking and media site that provides a gateway for your children to encounter content that is not appropriate for children.

In his 2018 TED Talk, ‘The Nightmare Videos of Children’s YouTube’ James Bridle talks about unregulated advertisements and the dopamine hit children get from watching toy reveal videos. In this talk you can’t help but reflect on the truth about how content for YouTube is made and delivered on the platform as a money-generating machine.


More concerningly, Bridle talks about just how common it is for children to see malintent videos whilst watching their favourite topics. Like many platforms today, YouTube uses an algorithm to select which videos are like other videos to target recommended content to you (and your children). When YouTube AutoPlay is ‘on’ children are about a dozen AutoPlay videos away from viewing videos created by people who are attempting to beat the Artificial Intelligence that monitors inappropriate content.

What can kids watch on Sensical TV?

Whilst you won’t find popular brands on Sensical TV, such as Disney or Nickelodeon child-friendly content, you will find some awesome children’s branded content such as:

  • Minecraft
  • Thomas and Friends
  • Sesame Street Studios
  • The Wiggles
  • Kidz Bop
  • Mother Goose Club
  • Babar
  • Barbie Vlogs
  • Hot Wheels
  • Story Surprise

Safety by Design

Sensical TV has Member Status with KidSafeCOPPA which means that the product has been independently reviewed, certified, and/or listed by kidSAFE to meet certain standards of online safety and/or privacy.


The ParentZone dashboard allows guardians to create safe profiles for multiple children in your home. It allows you to review the content your children have watched and has parental controls to set time limits that help you kids follow your family’s Digital Use Agreement. A PIN will be set so your children cannot change their own settings.


How does Sensical TV collect, store and use our family’s information?

Sensical TV is still an online tool so supervision is always important. When signing up for your parent account it will collect your child’s first name only (we still recommend using a nickname to model safe online profile names).


We also noticed a clever, safe way Sensical TV tracks your child’s age range. When you set up your child’s profile, the program will ask for your child’s age and birth month, but they do not request a birthdate. We love that they have found a way to provide ongoing age-appropriate content for each user without asking you to share your child’s personal details!


Whilst as parents/carers you can enjoy the peace of mind that the platform is safe, it’s important to note that advertisements do still appear on Sensical TV. Ads are an expected online experience, so this is a great way to start the conversation about advertising with your children. Common Sense Media have a great educational resource with 4 Tips for Making Kids Ad Savvy!


Sensical.tv is currently launched for web view on desktop computers and laptops for Australian families.


Lauren Borg

e-Learning/Student Well-being Leader