Literary Festival outcomes/Výsledky

Book illustration by Eliška Jarvisová - Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

Outcome of activities/ Výsledky aktivit

Throughout the Literary Festival day, in between presentations, the students completed a range of reading related activities. These included making a reading den, creating a book trailer, writing and reciting poetry, writing a short story or creating a book illustration. Look at some examples of the submitted works.

Mezi jednotlivými prezentacemi studenti v průběhu festivalu absolvovali řadu aktivit souvisejících s četbou. Aktivity zahrnovaly vytvoření čtenářského doupěte, video upoutávky na knihu, psaní a recitování poezie, psaní povídky nebo přípravu knižní ilustrace.  Podívejte se na příklady výsledných prací.

Book trailers/Video upoutávky na knihu


Book trailer by Martin Strnad, Year 4 


Book trailer by Tereza Černá, Year 4


Book trailer by Viktoriya Narodytska, Year 4 


You opened your big, blue, beautiful eyes,
in them, I could see the dark sky and all the stars,
all the memories that are in the past, 
and the future that does not exist for us.
I feel the salty humid air by the beach,
and your golden hair sparkling as the sun shines,
you seemed so out of reach,
when I spotted them, flying around-little butterflies.
You came to me like a star from the sky,
so so far and unavailable,
my heart started beating, and my mouth was suddenly dry, 
and the fresh air became unbreathable.
I took your hand and felt your cold fingers,
You gave me a look that I will never forget,
the look of fear and fierceness,
and the limited time given to us when we met.
So many laughs, so many cries, so many ups, and downs,
feeling so fulfilled inside, 
watching the birds fly by while lying in the grass,
sun rays exposing the truth that does not need to be clarified. 
I remember running up the stairs,
shouting and heavily breathing in despair, 
your helpless body shaking as if no one cares,
white bubbly foam is in the air. 
You still get my heart beating,
whether by the beach or in a hospital bed, 
I hope you can not hear the inside screaming,
my cheeks are turning brick red. 
Now, you can close your big, blue, beautiful eyes,
by memory, I will still see the dark sky and you as one of the stars,
all the memories that are in the past,
and the future that does not exist for us.
So could you please hold my hand, 
I promise it will be just a short moment,
now I give you my look of fear and bravery,
until you become a precious memory. 
By Emma Gebauerová, Year 4


The Present
It constantly passes us like the wind.
But is impossible to capture.
It goes too fast at the start
So we recall it over and over
All we can do is cherish it
And give its deserved acknowledgement
As so we will forever be given its gift;
“the present”
By Adam Koertzen, Year 3


What is time?
What is time? You must have thought.
An hour of certain minutes.
A day of hours and year of days.
Time is represented through a change.
Such as the motion of the moon around Earth. 
Or the bell at school to tell us it is the end of the day.
Time is something mysterious.
Indeed closely connected to the outdoor concept of space.
By Jakub Jaroš, Year 1


What is... time?
 Is it even real; 
or is it a figment of people's imaginations…
 to rationalize how the world works?
 What if time stops? 
Will we be here? 
What if there is no time? 
 What if time is…
 just a piece of what exists?
What if time is... 
or what if it's nothing?
 Time isn't being late,
 on time,
 or early,
                                 time is 
               By Nikol Čechová, Year 3 


Book illustrations/Knižní ilustrace


Markéta Milnerová - The Secret Garden 


Antonie Kolínová - Northern Lights


Kristýna Krolupperová - The Breadwinner


Abigael Hurley - The Chronicles of Narnia


Andrea Petrovičová - The Whitcher


Sonya Kalinina - Roadside Picnic


Ela Sršňová - The Hunger Games


Christopher Rossouw - Carrie


Tereza Černá - The Hobbit


Andy Morrisová - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


Eliška Jarvisová - Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow