From the Assistant Principal

Cody Twyford


Welcome to Week 7! 

Badminton SA

Callum Dunk from Badminton SA came out on Wednesday morning to teach students techniques of badminton shots. Year 8 students were the first to experience our new Gym floor and boy did they have a great time. Thanks to Callum for coming to visit. 


Year 11 Headstart Sessions 

Year 10's of 2020, got to have a little taster of their 2021 subjects on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Students get to experience and learn about the content of their subjects they have in 2021. 

Students get to select the type of tasks they would like to complete in 2021. We think this is a great way for students to have their say about what they learn. 


Attendance Letters

Last week, some parents and caregivers would have received letters from the school about their child's attendance. This is so all parties understand where their learner is at with their attendance rate. Please action this letter accordingly so that your child gets the most out of their education as possible.