From the Principal

Terry Blizzard

Welcome back to Term 4. 


It was wonderful to see the Year 12s this week and to have them back onsite. This is such an important time of year for them and so critical that they can be in classes with access to their teachers and to be with their friends. At this stage we await Government guidelines as to what the end of year celebrations can and will look like for our Year 12 students, obviously we hope to celebrate their graduation in an appropriate and safe manner. 


We also look forward to the proposed staggered return of all year levels to onsite learning later this month and again strongly encourage families to consider having their sons and daughters vaccinated in readiness for the return. 



We are please to say that towards the end of this term we will be commencing some modernisation works on the McCartney and Corbett wings at the Edmund Rice site. As a means to ensuring the site is compliant for disability access and importantly to then be able to commence any other planned works, we will be installing new stairs and a lift in McCartney and a new entrance to the Corbett Wing. With all capital works comes some disruption to the day to day, however we hope to minimise this with much of the work taking place in the summer holidays. 



As we reimagine ourselves as St Mary’s College we have determined to hasten slowly with any change to our uniform. We have been consistent in saying that we see any new uniform being a transition over a period of 2-3 years so as not to be a financial imposition on families. It continues to be acceptable for the CBC and PCW uniforms to be worn. 


Commencing in 2022 we will start the phasing in of some new items for purchase when and if needed including the St Mary’s College sports uniform and junior and senior St Mary’s College ties. 


We have entered into an arrangement with our uniform supplier Midfords for the changing over of blazer pockets to the St Mary’s College design and will commence this later in the term and throughout next year. 


Strategic Planning – Parent Survey

Our Strategic Planning process provides us with a clear sense of where we want to be in the short to medium term. Our plan will identify what we want to achieve in the next two to three years and how we plan to get there.


It is important that our whole community contributes to this plan and this week we are emailing all parents of our College community to invite them to contribute to a Parent Survey. Please check your email account you have registered with the College, to access the online survey. 


Liberations Magazine

We are proud to launch a new publication that showcases the St Mary’s College Community, our Liberations magazine. This magazine celebrates our journey, our current students' experience and tells the story of our broader Alumni Network including CBC and PCW former students. See the Community page to find out more and access your copy.


Can I wish all members of the St Mary’s College community every blessing as we hopefully find our way to a version of normality in the journey to the end of the year. 


Principal | Terry Blizzard