Round the classes 

Reception class : Katie 

The receptions have been busy making worm farms and exploring how they help gardens grow. In literacy we have been working on decoding longer words and we are gradually starting to write our own sentences. 

In maths we have been learning the months of the year and the days of the week. This week we are starting to learn how to read the times on a clock. 

As part of design and technology we have been learning how to draw accurate designs to solve problems. As part of HASS we are continuing to learn about the Aboriginal culture. Last week we used play dough to make stories using the Aboriginal Story symbols. 

Making Aboriginal stories
Making Aboriginal stories


Year 1/2 classes : Sam and Kelly

In the Year 1/2 classes we have been enjoying learning about having a 'Growth Mindset' and discussing the  'Emotional Zones of Regulation'. Please take some time to chat with your child about what they have learnt. 


Sam's class demonstrated bravery by singing their 'VCOP' song at the assembly in Week 3. Congratulations on sharing your knowledge of VCOP with others. 


Kelly's class have demonstrated a love of learning with Holly (Pre Service Teacher) who is with them until the end of Week 9. 


This week both classes have been keen to share their Big Talk Home Learning with the class in preparation for their narrative Big Write - 'What would Batman and Superman do on their day off?' We have focused on narrative writing structure, character and setting development. This has been a real highlight for both classes. Please see an example of our Big Writes below:





















In Maths, students have been learning about skip counting, place value, number lines and have used their reasoning and justification skills with 'would you rather' statements. There have been some in-depth discussions and friendly debates within the classes discussion of which they would rather and why. Please see an example below:


Year 3/4 class: Stephen

In Stephen’s Year 3/4 class we have been learning about Hill’s Hoist for history.  We have made timelines, read a text for comprehension of the topic and have also made models of Hill’s Hoist for technology.












We have also been learning how to use pronouns in our writing.  The picture shows an example of how we practised this skill.



Year 3/4 class: Alex

During Week 3 and 4, students have been setting goals for their mathematics learning in the area of multiplication. They have been demonstrating their multiplicative thinking skills through problem-solving tasks and sharing their strategies with the class. 

In English students have continued building their persuasive writing skills, using a variety of persuasive devices in the digital adverts they created to convince the viewer to buy their product. Through their writing on ‘City vs Country Living’, students have been practising clearly structuring their paragraphs and elaborating on their arguments by using examples and evidence to back up their opinions. Through Design and Technology students have been presenting their persuasive pitches to the class outlining the sustainable features of their chicken coop designs. Students have had success using a rubric to self-assess and provide feedback to others about what worked well in their pitch and design and where improvements could be made. 


Year 5/6 Class: Sallie

For maths we have been looking at area and investigating unusual quadrilaterals. It's stretching our brains because we must try 2 different strategies to try and work it out. We are also revisiting addition and subtraction of BIG numbers. 

In English we are enjoying doing guided reading with different novels for different groups. We are focusing on the "word pictures" that the authors create.  Do you know what an adjectival or adverbial clause is? Ask our class as we are becoming more aware of ways to add depth to our writing and using these clauses helps make a simple sentence into a complex sentence. 

Many of us have been working on making some displays for the Library and front foyer for Book Week next week. Please come in and see our great efforts. We loved reading to the different classes last week in assembly! What a great way to connect with everyone on a dreary day!!!

Indonesian :Ibu Susan

In Indonesian we have been busy using the word “ punya “ ( to have) in various contexts. We have been identifying patterns in sentences using nouns and adjectives. We have also enjoyed meeting our new teddy Wayan (the anjing/dog). Wayan is the traditional Balinese name for the first born child.


Science and P/E: Henry

In PE, the Year 3 to 6 classes have started a new unit on soccer. We have focused on ball skills including dribbling, passing, juggling, and some easy tricks. We have covered the basic rules and the Year 5s and 6s enjoyed a couple of small sided games. It’s been great to see an increase of soccer being played in the yard this week and all the kids’ skills improving! The receptions have continued developing their foundational movements which has had them practising running, jumping, throwing and catching. We have played many games that have had the kids demonstrating their growing skills.  


In science the receptions have continued learning about the insects that we might find in the school yard. We have collected worms and looked at them through magnifying glasses, foraged through fallen leaf litter for snails and collected a range of leaves, rocks and sticks to create a ‘minibeast habitat’ collage.  


The Year 1 and 2 classes have been learning about the needs of living things. Last week we planted wheatgrass as part of an experiment to measure plant growth under certain conditions. We planted a set of seedlings which have been watered and have had full access to sunlight, while also restricting water from a second set, and light from a third. So far the seeds with both water and sun have germinated and started to send up shoots! We continued the learning on the needs of living things with a conversation about the differences between wants and needs. All of the kids have been able to successfully identify things that are either a want or a need and can explain the difference between both.  

The Year 3 and 4 classes have been looking at the ways in which living things move. A highlight of this learning has been the interesting perspectives the children have had regarding whether plants can or cannot move. It has been wonderful to hear children use logic and reason when forming their opinions and then justifying them. As part of this, we have enjoyed viewing time-lapse photography of plants growing from seeds, making movement in response to being touched, as well as responding to light conditions. We have also explored the school yard for signs of animal life in order to observe their movements.  

The Year 5-6 group has continued to work on their final assessment piece for a unit of work they completed on electricity. The class has used a range of recycled materials to construct and decorate a haunted house diorama that has an electrical circuit incorporated into the design. So far the kids have created both series and parallel circuits that have used both lamps and motors with wheel attachments to bring them to life. These haunted houses are accompanied by a scary story that the students have written to go along with their design. Very spooky!  



Gardening: Jo

Worms, wonderful worms!

Year 1/2 students are learning new words connected to worms- castings, segments,  saddle and wriggling to name a few.

We demonstrated how they move. Discussed surface dwelling worms and their names as well as deep diving worms that aerate the soil. 

The students started on their tool licence and practised using tools safely.