Principal's Report 

Dear Parents and Guardians,


50th Anniversary Celebration: We are looking forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary on the 18th November. Please feel free to pass on the information to any past students, families or staff you are still in contact with. It should be a great afternoon. I want to thank the small but efficient Planning Committee who have worked many hours over the past weeks to ensure that they have a fun-filled event planned, which honors the history, celebrates the present and looks forward to the future. The committee is made up of Liza Dearing, who is currently on Family Leave. She is one of the longest standing staff members, with great connection with past students and staff and the broader Melton Community. Another member is Tolley Cacavas is our Community Engagement Officer who also has many local connections and has been working on the commemorative bricks that will form part of the renovated pergola area taking place over the Christmas Holidays. And the final member is Maria Robinson, a parent, former School Council President and fundraising committee member and currently a staff member. Maria has much experience with organising Sausage Sizzles, and other fundraising activities. Thank you so much for all your ideas and the time you have put into this huge task. 


Professional Practice Day Friday 11th November: The third and final Professional Practice Day in 2022 for teachers is occurring this term. Despite the prediction that we would have access to more CRTs to fill teacher vacancies in term 4, we continue to struggle to fill vacancy for teacher absences due to illness. School Council have agreed that for this final PPD for 2022 students will not be required at school for the day, to ensure we meet this requirement, with as minimal disruptions as possible to classes throughout the term. I have confirmed with our Out of School Hours Care provider – Extend – who will be able to offer on-site supervision on this day. Please contact them ASAP to confirm your place if required. Extend can be contacted via the website or by phoning 1300366437.


COVID RATs: Will still have a large number of RATs we can give to families if you would like to have one in your pantry in case any of your family members begins experiencing COVID like symptoms. Please send a message to your child’s teacher, or call the office or pop in the grab one.


Prep Transition Program: The 2023 Prep Transition Program will commence this month. All families with children enrolled should have received an invitation If they have enrolled. The dates are:

  • Tuesday 22nd November 10:00am – 10:50am
  • Tuesday 29th November 10:00am – 10:50am
  • Tuesday 6th December 10:00am – 10:50am
  • Tuesday 13th December 9:30am – 10:45am. (Children will meet their teacher for 2023 on this day) 

Whilst these sessions are occurring for the children, parents are encouraged to stay on-site and hear about the wonderful programs our school has to offer, as well as how to help prepare your child for their first year of school. These session will also have guest speakers such as the School Nursing Service, our Out of Home Care service and much more. We look forward to meeting you and your child during these sessions.


Year 7 Orientation Program: Our Year 6s are preparing to embark on the next part of their learning journey – secondary school. To help each of the local Secondary Schools have provided a letter to each family. These will be given to the children early next week so please look out for them. If you have any questions we are happy to try to help but the best option would to call the Secondary College direct. 


Swimming: The Year Preps, Year 1/2s and Year 5/6s have had their notes distributed and we have been receiving them back throughout the week. Please be aware of the date notes need to be returned by if you are wanting your child to attend as we cannot accept any late notes due to the planning involved with groups etc. 

  • Final Day for Returning Notes
    • Year Prep – Tuesday 8th November 2022
    • Year 1/2 – Tuesday 15th November 2022
    • Year 3/4 – Tuesday 22nd November 2022
    • Year 5/6 – Tuesday 8th November 2022

Please also note there is a limit on the number of people we can take, so please consider returning the forms a quickly as possible if you do not want to miss out on a place.


2023 Plans: We will be beginning the process of forming new class grouping for 2023 during Term 4. In order to know how many classes, we will need please contact the office to let us know if you know your child will not be returning in 2023 for any reason so we can plan accordingly. If you are unsure of the new school that is okay, we do not need to know that information now. 


Special Requests for 2023 Class: Part of the work we do in term 4 is to form the new classes for the following year. I have extended the time for parents to let us know if you have any concerns or requests about other children your child should or shouldn’t be with because we believe this can help the child feel more comfortable. Please put these in writing, (via email is fine before Friday 11th November. Any requests received after this date CAN NOT be able to be considered, due to the flow-on effect that any changes to classes already created has across the board. I will need to stick to this timeline quite tightly to ensure the process runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Please note, requests for specific teachers will not be considered. If you have any questions or concerns in regard to this process, please do not hesitate to contact the office to make an appointment to speak with me. 




High Levels of Learning for All

Michelle Costa