Monitoring and Marking SACs

Senior Pathways Program 2024

School Procedures for Monitoring and Marking School Assessed Coursework (SACs)


Requirements for authentication also apply to SAC tasks, although coursework is mainly conducted within the classroom. The classroom teacher must be able to authenticate coursework and SACs, and this means that drafts, where permitted, are not commented on. Work should mainly be completed under direct teacher supervision, and in the main should not be completed outside the classroom unless the teacher is satisfied that authentication will be possible.


Specific details of SAC tasks should only be given just prior to the starting date of the task to avoid potential authentication problems.


Where there is more than one class of a study, teachers need to liaise to ensure the tasks are completed simultaneously as far as possible.  Teachers are also encouraged to form partnerships with other colleges for planning and moderation.


Below is an example of a VCE Study Coursework Assessment:


VCE Physics: Performance descriptors