Student Responsibilities

Senior Pathways Program 2024

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each student to:

  • If arriving late or departing early, sign in/out via the front administration attendance office
  • All Year 10, 11 and 12 students are required to be present at school by 8:40am each day and must stay at school until 3:00pm
  • Make up the time they have missed by being late, after school
  • At NO TIME are students allowed to leave the school grounds to travel to the shops and then return to school.  Students must stay at school at recess, lunch and during study periods
  • VET students are not permitted to leave the school grounds prior to catching the "VET" bus 15 minutes prior to its departure.
  • During Study Periods (VET / VSV students): must register their attendance via the SLC laptop. Students must remain in the Senior Learning Centre unless arrangements have been made to work with a teacher in an approved space within the college.
  • If absent (due to illness or school events), it is the student's responsibility to check Compass lesson plans and complete any work that they have missed (when students' health enables this to occur).  This includes following up on current or overdue learning tasks
  • Students are advised to check Compass to ensure correct data has been entered, and to see the Attendance Officer and follow up with teachers if there are any concerns or discrepancies
  • Undertake a minimum of 1 & ½ hours of dedicated homework per week per subject in addition to independent study and revision

In addition to 50 hours of scheduled classroom instruction, it is expected that students will undertake up to 50 hours of self-directed learning for each unit.


Satisfactory Completion of VCE and VCE VM Units

What the student must do:

To receive 'S' for the Unit

(must do ALL of the following)

To receive 'N' for the Unit

(does 1 or more of the following)


Ensure that work completed meets the 

required standard for the outcomes prior 

to SACs

Submits work which is not of the required 

standard or is only partly completed

Sees that all work is completed on time and is clearly their own

Fail to complete work for assessment by 

school deadlines (original or extended, 

where extension procedures have been followed)

For satisfactory completion of a unit, a 

student must demonstrate achievement 

of all outcomes for the unit as specified in the Study Design

Cannot authenticate their work

Abides by all rules and procedures 

including those pertaining to attendance

Breaks VCAA or school regulations, such as those pertaining to absence