VCE Written Examinations and Special Provision

Senior Pathways Program 2024

VCE Written Examinations


Units 3 & 4

All Unit 3 & 4 Studies have one or more written examinations contributing from 25% to 66% of the study score. It is essential that students are fully prepared for their examinations.  The college will run trial examination in both mid-year and end-of-year. 


Unit 3 & 4 examination timetables and regulations can be located on Each student undertaking a Unit 3 & 4 study will be provided with an individual timetable for examinations and an Exam Navigator. 


Units 1 & 2

Examinations in all Units 1 & 2 occur within semester 1 and 2.  These examinations do not play a role in the determination of unit results (S/N) but will be recorded on student reports and will be included in the calculation of their level of achievement. 

2024 Examination Dates

  • General Achievement Test (GAT)
    Tuesday 18 June 2024
  • Performance and Languages oral examinations and Extended Investigation: oral presentations
    Monday 7 October 2024 - Sunday 3 November 2024
  • Languages (CCAFL) written examinations
    Tuesday 15 October 2024
  • Written examinations
    Tuesday 29 October 2024 - Wednesday 20 November 2024

Special Exam Arrangement Provision

There are 3 types of Special Exam Arrangement Provision in VCE and VCE VM:


School Based Assessment (in line with VCAA approved provisions):

  • Schools approve school-based assessment special provision but are encouraged to implement arrangements consistent with VCAA Special Exam Arrangements. Please seek advice from Senior School Leaders. 

Special Exam Arrangements:

  • Students are required to speak with Ms Karli Sellenger (Senior Sub-School Manager) directly to discuss your circumstances and initiate the application process.  The relevant application form(s) needs to be lodged before 22 March 2024 (tba) - late applications may not be accepted. 

Derived Examination Scores:

  • Students who are ill or affected by other personal circumstances at the time of an examination and whose examination result is unlikely to be a fair or accurate indication of their learning or achievement in the study may apply for a DES. Where an application is approved, a DES will be calculated by the VCAA.
  • A DES can only be calculated if a student has completed the course of study leading up to the examination and has a result for at least one other Graded Assessment in the same study.