First Aid

Head Lice

A reminder to parents to regularly check your children's hair for eggs and live head lice. The Department of Health’s recommendations are as follows:

The easiest and most effective way to find head lice is to use conditioner and comb weekly to check for head lice and if detected treat with a commercial treatment available from pharmacies. This includes: 

Step 1. Comb hair conditioner onto dry, brushed (detangled) hair. This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around.


Step 2. Thoroughly comb sections of the hair with a fine tooth head lice comb.


Step 3. Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue.


Step 4. Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs.


Step 5. Repeat the combing for every part of the head at least four or five times.


Step 6. If lice or eggs are found, the person should be treated.


Step 7. Retreat hair in seven days or follow instructions on the packaging of the treatment or from your health care professional                              


Step 8. Notify the teacher of school office confidentially if head lice is detected.


Further information is available from

Chickenpox, Shingles, Measles, Mumps & Slapped Cheek 

We wish to advise families at Rowville Primary School, that members of our school community are currently receiving medical treatment and as such have a suppressed immune system.

A major concern is if these people develop Measles, Chickenpox, Shingles or Slapped Cheek, they can become seriously ill.

We seek your cooperation in preventing this situation.

If your son/daughter has or may have measles, mumps, chickenpox or slapped cheek it is requested that you do not send them to school during this period and notify the school office immediately.

Children with Chickenpox must not attend school and need to remain at home until all blisters have dried which is usually at least 5 days after the rash appears. Children with Measles must not attend school and need to remain home for at least 4 days after the rash appears.

Spare Clothes

From time to time, students may require a change of clothing. Could we please ask that a spare set of uniform and under garments including socks are placed in your child’s school bag in case they are required. This may save parents needing to come up to school during the day.


Administering of Medication at School

Please be reminded that if your child requires medication on a short term basis (either prescription or over the counter) whilst at school, the medication must be dropped off and collected at the general office by the student’s parent/carer in original packaging. The parent/carer is required to complete an occasional medication form which is available from the general office at the time of dropping off this medication.

We are unable to administer medication to your child without this process being followed.