The first School Readathon is well under way now and we only have two weeks left to read and record books. I hope all students have been busy recording their completed books on the sponsorship form that was sent home. Students have access to more recording sheets through their classroom teachers or at the school office. Remember students can record completed books read from their school and home reading as well as shared reading with parents. 

At assembly, a few students spoke about books they have been reading. I was very excited to see that Max B’s book talk from Year 5 inspired Josh B in Year 3 when choosing a new book to read.



I am currently reading this book called, ‘Wonder’ and I want to share it with you. It’s about a boy whose face is deformed, he looks different to others and he was born like that. He gets bullied at school and he tries to hide his feelings so that his friends won’t get in trouble. I haven’t finished reading this book but the message I’m getting is not to judge someone by how they look because looks don’t tell us what a person is really like. I really would like to recommend this book to senior kids because you can make connections with it and it has important messages we can learn from.

Prachee A 6A


I like reading Specky Magee and I have read four of the books in the series. I really enjoy these books because they tell me a lot about footy and I’m a big footy fan. I recommend this book to people who like footy because they will make connections with Specky like I did.

By Max B Year 5


On Monday during reading I was picking a new book and I found Specky Magee that Max B talked about at assembly on the Friday. I remembered he recommended the book and he said if you like football you should read it. I’m really into football and so I decided to give it a go.


How are you finding the book?

I’m finding it is a ‘JUST RIGHT’ book for me. So far I have found out that Specky has just moved to the Northern Territory and his new friend came to his house with his coach and welcomed him. Then his coach asked Specky if he would like to join the football team because they are short of players. I am making lots of connections and liking it.

Josh B Year 3B


Trish Welti

Year 3 Teacher & Literacy Leader