Junior School

Orientation Day

On Tuesday 10th of December we welcomed our newest members of the College, the year 7 2020 cohort at Orientation Day. The students had a great day, they met their classmates and some of their teachers and support people within the school. They participated in getting to know you activities to begin to build connections within their class, they shared a pizza lunch together and were able to get a sneak peek at parts of the Junior Production performance and the musical instruments on offer in our music program. It was a fun and exciting day and I would like to thank all of the staff who assisted in the planning, preparation and running of the day and also all of the students for their excitement and enthusiasm. We look forward to welcoming them for their first official day of secondary school on Thursday 30th of January 2020.

Junior School Team News

I would like to thank the Junior School team for all of their work during their time in the Junior Sub School. They have worked hard with our Junior students and families, assisting with the smooth transition of new students into the college and maintaining high standards when managing students across the sub school. They have worked professionally and collaboratively and always worked to ensure students are settled, safe and productive. I would like to particularly thank Marissa Lee and Kim Watson and wish them all the best as they move into middle school.


It is my pleasure to introduce our new Junior School Team for 2020:


Josh Mitchell- Junior School Leader

Krissi Friedli- Frazer House Co-ordinator

Jessica Friend- Freeman House Co-ordinator

Beatrice Dauguet- Jackman House Co-ordinator

Gemma Bishop- Mabo House Co-ordinator


I would like to wish the new team all the best for their work in Junior School in 2020 and beyond. I will be finishing up my time a part of the Junior School team and moving back into full time teaching. I would like to thank all of the staff and team members for their assistance during my time in the Junior School, and of course the students who have made my time so rewarding and fun! I wish all of the students all the best and hope to see them in PE/Health/Psychology classes as they move through their time at RSC!

Getting Ready for 2020

As the year wraps up, it’s important to remember to use the summer break as a time to get ready and prepared for the new year. Booklists are available at the General Office and the student dress code and uniform shop details available on the College website. The first day for year 7 students is Thursday 30th of January at 8.40 for an 8.50 start and on Friday 31st of January from 9.40 for a 9.50am start at the Hall. The first day for year 8 students is Friday 31st at 8.40 for an 8.50am start.


Students don’t need to bring all of their books on the first day, they will get their lockers on their first day and be able to gradually bring their belongings in over the first couple of days. Students will find out meet their class on the first day of school and there will be time scheduled for students to get to know other students in their classes as there are always class changes from year to year. Class placements are always an enormous task taking into consideration a number of factors so we appreciate the support of students and families with any changes made. Once school commences in 2020, no further changes to classes will occur.


We wish all of our Junior School students and families a happy and safe holiday break and all the best for the new year.


Anna Urbano

Junior School Leader.