From the Principal


As 2019 at Ringwood Secondary College draws to a close, we recognise a variety of successes across many fields of endeavour.


We indeed applaud the many outstanding achievements, diverse talents and areas of engagement of all our students, staff and community. There is always much to celebrate in our College which Performs.

It is useful for each of us to think about how we can craft new experiences and learning opportunities to develop our talent. There is no doubt we can all develop our talent with practice and perseverance. The grit that we demonstrate will go a long way to creating successful future outcomes


2019 Results

Once again, we can be delighted with the successes of our students and these were heartily celebrated on Tuesday evening. The efforts and achievements of so many are reflected in these results and are reported in this edition of our newsletter. Judging by the significant and varied achievements of our students across curricular and co-curricular fields, we continue to build on our College virtues of wisdom, courage, respect and creativity.



I would particularly like to congratulate our VCE Dux Moksh Dave (98.75) on his outstanding year.

We indeed celebrate his stunning list of achievements of which he, his family and our community can be very proud.


The Class of 2019 has tackled the considerable challenge of the VCE and VCAL with similar energy, passion and commitment as every other year 12 class during my twenty two years as principal.


As I indicated last night, our students have been rewarded for their hard work in a variety of ways. Whilst some students may be disappointed, many are delighted, with their achievements. We also know that with continuing support that the pathways for next year beyond school provide many options. Many students attained ATAR scores in the 90s (including 12 over 95 and 26 over 90) and nearly 30 % above 80. There are equally stories of those who overcame significant challenges including health issues and personal hardship to achieve at high levels and indeed even some students who became the first member of their family to ever complete secondary school.

Our median all study score of over 30 was an improvement on the previous year and indicates that many students have performed well across the full range of studies that we are able to offer at Ringwood. As was also highlighted in the media, Ringwood Secondary College was the top performing school in the state for Food Studies in 2019.


Current Student Numbers

We have 1635 students enrolled for 2020 including 290 students who will be commencing with us in Year 7. These students enjoyed a highly successful orientation day and we look forward to welcoming our newest group of students at the beginning of next year.



At this time of year, we traditionally say farewell to a range of staff who are either moving on to opportunities in other schools, moving to new careers or interstate, concluding replacement contracts, or retiring.  


Those leaving us are Kevin Lewis, Heather Davies, Rosemarie Devereux and Mink Schapper,who are all retiring after many years of personal and professional contribution to Public secondary education in Victoria. Thank-you all for making a difference to the future life chances of our youth and I wish you the very best in wherever your next journey takes you.


Others taking on new challenges are:

Haris Boyd-Gerny to Vic College for the Arts Secondary School

Nathan Hughes promoted to Learning Specialist at Mulluana SC

Benn Jamieson  to Queensland

Louise Tate to  Northcote HS

Shaun Butson to Victoria Police

Jessica Robinson  to Family Leave

Our French Language Assistant Romain Lecrue.  


We thank each person for their contribution to Ringwood and wish them well in their future endeavours.  We will introduce our new staff at the commencement of term 1 2020.



Start-up arrangements for 2020

Year 12 commences with a symposium day at Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale Campus on Thursday January 30. Year 7 also commence on the same day. Students in Years 8 to 11 commence on Friday January 31, 2020. The College office will be open for business on Tuesday January 28, 2020. All staff will be participating in Planning and PD on Tuesday January 28 and Wednesday January 29th


In 2020, the construction of the new senior school centre will be completed and there are already landmark signs of the developments that have already been made with the steel structure taking shape. It is another significant undertaking for our College community.


I would like to extend best wishes for Christmas and New Year and a happy summer holiday season to all members of our College community and I look forward to an even better year in 2020.


Michael Phillips


From the School Council President


A word from school council…….


As another busy year comes to a close, it is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all of the people and programs that enrich our RSC community and make it the place that it is. I am fond of that lovely saying ‘It takes a village’, when describing optimum conditions for raising children, and so too, ‘it takes a village’ to ‘raise up’ a school. At RSC we have a village of capable, creative students, dedicated and skilled teachers, staff and parents, our college Principal, our award winning RTO, interested community and heritage team members and our governing bodies (the DET and school council) – who together create and maintain a living, breathing community of learners, contributors, thinkers and achievers and who then pass on that legacy to those who follow.


This year has seen the commencement of Stage 2 of our college masterplan, with our $6.5 million senior school building now under construction, ahead of schedule and due for completion at the end of term 3, 2020. Hopefully, our current year 11s will enjoy some time in this new facility before the end of their time at RSC and of course, future senior students will be the lucky recipients of this state of the art build, worthy of 21st century models of creative teaching, learning and connecting.


In terms of buildings and facilities, school council continue to play a significant role, (with Principal Michael Phillips’ leadership), in lobbying, partnering and working alongside state and federal parliamentary members in pursuit of the best outcomes for RSC. A college of this size, with diverse curricula and high expectations for its students (performing arts, music, STEM, visual arts, and sporting programs, to name a few) will always require upgrades, maintenance, new facilities and resources and we keep engaged with this aspect of our responsibility and service to RSC. On the ground, our facilities team and volunteer parents, under the competent eye of Chris Salisbury work tirelessly in this space, keeping painting, plastering, electrics, insulation, gardens and fencing (and much more besides), in good shape. Another big project we look forward to seeing completed is the $10,000 oval upgrade which will take place over the coming summer break.


As Presentation Evening beckons, in a few days time, I am also reflecting on how successful schools build cultures of effort, participation and excellence and it is always so uplifting to witness celebrations of these values. To the year 12 class of 2019, my warmest congratulations on the completion of your various studies and programs. Our 2019 VCE results were outstanding and school council congratulate the efforts and talents of year 12 cohort, the prefects and student representatives for the guidance they offer their peers, and the parents, teachers and staff who supported them all. From awards earned in the arenas of music and performing arts, to sport, sciences and community, our 2019 students, across all year levels have once again made us proud and at times, I have been in awe at the inventiveness, persistence, creativity and competence of these young citizens. We wish them all a restful break ahead, and to the class of 2019, lots of ‘sleep ins’ before new challenges, jobs, studies or travel opportunities begin!


To all in our school community who support our college – and there are too many to mention – our thanks and gratitude go out to you all. It is always a team effort at RSC and we on school council couldn’t do our important work without the collaboration, skill and generosity of so many.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and new year.


Sharon Rogers

School Council President