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Research Opportunity for Teachers

Monash University researchers from the Department of Philosophy and School of Media and Journalism Studies are examining how critical thinking can be developed in schools. The project "Being Philosophical about digital media: applying critical thinking skills to new cultural environments," is being funded by Monash University and the Victorian Department of Premier and Government. The project aims to foster inclusive & mutually supportive communities and demonstrate the benefits of combining philosophical critical thinking skills with media theory to affect practical interventions in social education for vulnerable young people. Critical thinking skills result in intellectual resilience, teaching how to think independently, responsibly and creatively. The aim is to empower young people via their peers, and to provide them skills to critically navigate digital environments. 


The findings of the research will be made available to the Department of Premier and cabinet via project updates and a project report. This report will also be made available to our research partner, Victorian Association of Philosophy in Schools (VAPS).    


Following is a link to complete an anonymous online survey regarding media practices and critical thinking skills encountered during your duties as a teacher. Your response to the survey is non-identifiable and completing the survey is implied consent for the data captured to be used as part of the team's research.


Survey Link:


Thank you for considering being part of this project. If you or your school are interested in knowing more and participating further in this project, please contact:


Kind Regards,

Drs. Chadha, Butchart, Howard and Ruddock


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