Tentative Agreements


2.57% total compensation package (inclusive of salary and benefits)

1.5% ongoing money towards the salary schedule

1.07% ongoing money towards benefits ($100 per medical plan)

Multiple gains towards improving special education

Class size improvements

Safety improvements

Improvements in working conditions

Improvements in the rights of OGEA to represent members

Article 6: Association Rights

We now have the right to confirm necessary contact information for all members.

We can present for 30 minutes at the new teacher orientation and during lunch.  This is important in the recruitment of strong union members.

The District will provide OGEA with new hire information within 30 days so that OGEA can make contact and speak about the importance of being a member.

We now have rights to meet with new employees that are hired mid-year

Article 8:  Leaves

Multiple improvements to bring existing leave articles up to date with current California leave laws.

Leaves expanded in compliance with current CA law

Military leave added under Matters of Compelling Personal Importance

Parental leave brought up-to-date with current laws allowing for up to 12 weeks off when having or adopting a child

Bereavement leave can now be used up to 13 months

Article 11: Transfers

Voluntary transfer opportunities extended from March 15 to April 1.

2 additional weeks to request priority transfers

The District has been required to post transfer opportunities by March 1.  This gives members more time to research and make a decision about requesting a transfer.

Article 12: Compensation

All salary schedules will be improved by 1.5% in ongoing money.

This is an improvement over management’s original insistence in a one-year only bonus

Salary is not tied to any upcoming elections. (No contingency language.)

The salary increase will be retroactive to the beginning of the year.

The special education stipend was increased to $1500 per year and expanded to cover all SDC, RSP and SLP positions.

The science camp stipend was expanded to include all overnight field trips

Total compensation of salary and benefits = 2.57%

Article 13:  Benefits

Our school district’s contributions toward all healthcare benefits packages will be increased by $100 per plan.

This represents an increase of 1.07% towards the total compensation package of OGEA members

This is to help offset the increase in out of pocket costs due to Kaiser raising rates by 7.7% and Anthem increasing rates by double digit percentages

Check the new rates and out of pocket costs closely.  Open enrollment is during the first 2 weeks in November and members may wish to switch plans.

OGEA and OGSD agreed to explore alternative dental plans through the joint District benefits committee

Article 14:  Hours of Employment

Defined school nurse work day

TOSA work day and flex hours defined.  Protections against abuse of flexible work hours incorporated.

Jr. High special education case work period placed in the contract

Adjunct duties required to be equitable

TOSA rights to form adjunct committee similar to school sites

Itinerant SPED unit members not required to perform adjunct duties

Substitute stipend for TOSAs increased

RSP sub teaching limitations and stipend incorporated into the contract

Article 15:  Class Size

TK-3 class size changed to District wide average.  OGEA has rights to request class size numbers to verify.

PPF funds in TK-3 are now paid for the 25th and 26th student (effective Dec 2019).  Class size maximum for 2020-2021 will be reduced to 26.

Middle school elective and PE teachers will have input into class size and class sizes will be monitored in the upcoming school year.

Combination class stipends will be increased to $800 and OGEA was able to defeat a management initiative to take back the two planning days.

First ever cap in non-categorical SDC classes at 15-1

Reduction in SH low functioning SDC class size for the 2020-2021 school yearFirst ever caseload caps for SDC preschool beginning in the 2020-2021 school year

An increase in 1 school nurse is now required in the contract.  This is the first language ever in the contract guaranteeing a school nurse for each learning community.

First ever language in the contract that school counselors will be employed in the District

SPED joint committee can still be called at the option of OGEA to discuss special education concerns in the District

MOU written to define the job of VLA teacher and examine case loads

Article 17:  Organizational Security

Language brought up to date with current laws in post-Janus environment

OGEA retains full rights to process membership applications and change membership status of bargaining unit members (The District will have no role in this.)

Any membership change requests will be referred to OGEA.  OGSD can not process any changes to membership in our organization.


MOU signed creating a subcommittee of OGEA and management members to examine and create a process for reporting safety concerns regarding students

The subcommittee is tasked with creating a process and a form to report such concerns

All SPED meetings and SELC meetings are now also forums to bring up safety concerns

Article 22:  Miscellaneous Provisions

3 year contract

Each year OGEA and management will automatically negotiate over salary and benefits

Both groups have the option of one reopener per year in addition to salary and benefits