Meet the Organizing Team:

Brenna Juull (Oak Ridge)

Sara Overby (Christopher)

Nancy Paul (Del Roble)

Hanh Thompson (Anderson)

Chelsey Myers (Hayes)

Anne Sanfilippo (Frost)


What is the purpose of an Organizing Committee?

The Organizing Committee’s goal is to educate and organize members and the community.  We work with other teams in OGEA to engage members and keep them informed.


Amazing Turnout OGEA!

Thank you members for wearing your OGEA shirts and bargaining buttons to help support our bargaining team!  Many members posted on social media with our hashtag (#OGEAstrong)! Please continue to show your support of our union.  Also, thank you to all the members who attended the board meetings. Your support is what we need to keep budget cuts away from our students.  We also had a successful email campaign! Thank you to everyone who participated!


Next Steps

Keep an eye out for information regarding Schools and Communities First and the Parcel Tax. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us at