Art Room News

Creativity takes courage. Henri Matisse

Hello RHPS Artists,


WOW!!! What a wonderful end to the year. You should all be so proud of your amazing artwork that was on display on Monday night. Everyone was so impressed by your skills and creativity. I hope you enjoyed the night and can now enjoy taking home your special pieces of art.


A huge thank you to everyone who supported the wonderful Art Show and Carols night. We really appreciate you! I need to also thank the staff for their awesome BBQ skills, Mrs. Layton and Mr. Wilson for giving up their time to help, Dennis for staying after hours and Mr. V and his class for their support.


An extra special thank you to Mrs. Warner for her continuous and wonderful support in everything arts related.

I would like to say a very special thank you to my wonderful Art Captains, Bobbi and Ally. They were always offering their help, running art clubs, setting up art, packing down art and generally just being amazing leaders. I wish them all the best in their bright futures ahead.


To our Grade 6 students, you have been an exceptionally creative group over the past 5 years I have had you in the art room. I wish you all the best in your years ahead and I hope many of you keep being creative, as you are all very talented people. Your Legacy  piece looks amazing and we will love keeping a piece of you here at RHPS. Remember to 'Reach for the Stars'!


Now onto 2023..........Yes I will be teaching art again next year and I get to see you each week. I am very excited for 2023 and it's going to get messy. So remember to bring a named smock next year as the paints are coming out early!


I wish you all a restful, safe and fun holidays and where ever you spend your time....remember too.....KEEP CREATING!


Mrs. Granger