School News 


Can you believe that our Preps have almost finished their first year of schooling?!   We are so proud of how far each and every student has come this year.  The Prep Assembly was fantastic seeing students beaming with school pride.  They are bouncing through the school with so much kindness and confidence ready for Grade 1.   

We have continued to revise and celebrate our learning and are well on track for a spectacular Christmas Carols performance this coming Monday 12th December.   

Today we were visited by the Flying Bookworm Theatre Company that took us on a journey of magic and wonder.  There were lots of laughs and good times to celebrate a wonderful end to the school year. 

Next week students will start to bring home all their goodies from the classroom.  We hope you enjoy looking through their work and seeing their development over the year. 

We want to thank all of our wonderful Prep families for an amazing year and we wish you all the best for 2023. 


Wishing you a safe and happy holiday! 

Elyce, Allie & Alarna 

Level 1 and 2

Fun Night defiantly lived up to its name as we turned into mini golfers with the mini golf course on the basketball court. There was 9 holes of exciting challenges and a chance to beat our own personal best. We then rotated the groups to play giant backyard games. Some of our favourite giant games were Jenga, Pick Up Sticks, Bowling, Checkers, Snakes and Ladders. Next, we teamed up to play Christmas Light Fight. Both teams had to race around to change the lights to their correct way. After we enjoyed a cup or cone of ice-cream or sorbet before having pizza for dinner. We then said good-bye to our Grade Ones as they went home and our Grade Two stayed to watch a movie before saying good night for a sleepover. The Grade Twos enjoyed breakfast the next morning and got picked up by family, leaving with fun memories. 


“Best night ever!”

“I got a hole in one.”

“I love ice-cream.”

“I am having lots of fun.”


It was a wonderful and memorable fun night that both Grade Ones, Twos and the Teachers will remember with a smile on our face. We cannot wait for more exciting events in the future. 


As we come to another year completed, we have been practicing our Christmas Carol and are ready for some Christmas celebrations. We have been working very hard and excited you all could see our performance. We would like to say a big congratulations to our Grade Ones and Twos for a hard-working year and a huge thank you to all the families and friends that have helped throughout the year. We wish you all the best for 2023, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


1/2 Team 

Daena Hailey, Llinos Poole, Sally Newton, Emma Wright, Tim Wilson, Kayla Hartrick 

Level 3 and 4

What a fantastic end to the year the Grade 3/4 Students have had! 


From Wednesday the 7th of December until Friday the 9th students went on the bus and took a trip out to Yarra Junction to attend Camp Adanac. 


The weather on the first day was beautiful. Students settled into their cabins, listened to rules about Camp Adanac. They learnt about how the camp dining room worked and then got into groups to do some out door camp activities.


Throughout Wednesday and Thursday students were involved in the flying fox, camp cooking, low ropes, frisbee golf, archery, canoeing, the waterslide and thunder hockey.


Despite the freezing cold weather and the rain on the Thursday, students enjoyed their camp adventure. 


Both nights students were exhausted, and the weather wasn't great, so we relaxed and watched a movie.


We were really impressed with their resilience and hope they all had a fantastic time. 


We hope you all a fantastic Christmas break! Thanks for a great year!

Level 5 and 6

It is hard to believe that we are writing our last newsletter for 2022. We are extremely proud of our Grade 5 and 6 students and are looking forward to the end of year celebrations, wrapping up an amazing year together, in particular:

· Grade 6 Graduation: Thursday 15th December.

· Bounce excursion: Friday 16th December

· Final Assembly: Tuesday 20th December


Grade 5 students recently had the chance to nominate themselves for Grade 6 Leadership positions for 2023. The pride for our school was evident with an outstanding number volunteering for a role.


Congratulations to the following students who were voted in by students and staff across the school:


Captains: Amber Cherry and Lachlan Armstrong

Vice Captains: Elinor Sinco and Chloe Hughes-Gage

Library: James Miller

Design and Tech: Riley Williams

Visual Arts: Polly Blunt

Performing Arts: Grace Palmer

Rafter: Luke Van Suylen

Thorpe: Leilah Donnelly

Freeman: Wyatt Peccenini

Bradman: Finn Johnson


The Grade 5/6 Market Day was a huge success. The corridor was abuzz with activity and once again, the students were excellent role models to the younger children, with our school values of Responsibility, Honesty, Pride and Support in action. The day raised $1518.25 in total and will be donated to a charity with a focus on helping children. Read on for some student insights to what is happening in Level 5/6…


Market Day

On Friday 25th of November, level 5/6 of Rolling Hills Primary School hosted a Market day. They came up with some amazing ideas. Some of the ideas included: Spinning a wheel for a prize, pop a prize, throwing balls into cups and more. They had a couple of weeks to plan and make everything. All of the other grades came down and tried some of the games, in the end, some of them even sold out. It went for 2 hours. They ended up raising $1518.25 which is being donated to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

By Luke R.


The year 5/6 have been very busy over these few weeks with the market day and plenty of other things too. After the market day we made $1518.25 and we are very proud with the total raised. There where so many stalls like a lolly lucky dip, origami stall, funny portraits, balloon pop games and many others too.

Coming up soon for the year 6s is graduation!! It is getting really close to the end of the year and we are excited about going to Year 7, but we will be sad to leave RHPS.

By Bobbi




On Friday 16th December, the year 5/6s are going to Bounce which is a massive trampoline and ninja warrior park in North Blackburn. We can’t wait for Bounce! I was lucky enough to interview a few 5/6s and here is what they had to say.

John Latu said he is “really looking forward to it because he wants to do lots of flips”. I also interviewed Luke Ryan and he said, “it’s going to be lots of fun and I hope no one else will be there so we have it all to ourselves.” Bounce has massive trampolines with foam pits, an insane ninja warrior course and basketball rings which Riley Vedder claims that he will dunk on everyone!

By Finn