Emily Murcott 

Wellbeing Literacy Leader

Acting Assistant Principal


Just a thought....


I’ve often heard of psychologists who give parents a rubber band and ask them to demonstrate how much tension their child is experiencing. The most hilarious responses are the ones where parents instantly snap it, and it brutally flies into the air. 


Over the last few years there’s been some extraordinary circumstances which have stretched us all. This holiday season let’s be mindful that rubber bands need to take a break from being stretched.  


I'd like to see us intentionally use this time to ensure our kids start the new year in a calm, recouped and secure space. 


So, please reflect on the following questions:

  • What do they NEED this season?  
  • Do they need some time away from tech?  
  • Do they need one on one time with you? 
  • Do they need more free play? 
  • Do they need a change in scenery?  
  • Do they need the 500 outings they are begging you for, or not? 

What is going to help them achieve a sense of calm this holiday season?


As the summer break approaches quickly I would like to thank those of you who have been able to volunteer your time to assist with the delivery of school programs and events. From School Council and the P&F Committee Members to those who listen to children read on a regular occurrence. This community is incredible! Thankyou everyone.


I'd also like to thank that teachers who go above and beyond to ensure  your children are engaged in their education, and who care and support every student; I am truly grateful. 


Thankyou to the students who say hello and tell me how their weekend was, who smile as they walk by, who open the door when we meet at a doorway, who greet me in the morning with enthusiasm when I am on duty at the back gate, and those who wave to me through my window when collecting an iPad from the trolley outside my office. I absolutely love connecting with every student.  


Thankyou to the Education Support Staff who care and support your children like they are their own. I could not ask for more committed staff to work with. 


Thank you to the Administration staff who do so much behind the scenes without question. They play a huge role within the school and I am so grateful to have such a fun and supportive team to work with.


Lastly, but by no means least, thank you Craig for your leadership and your passion towards ensuring RHPS students receive the best education and experience possible whilst in primary school, and for supporting families as if they are your own. 


To those year 6 students who are starting the next adventure in education by heading to secondary school, I know that you are ready and raring to go. Spread your wings, take up new experiences, meet new people and if you see someone sitting alone at your new school next year invite them to join you. You never know...they may become a life-long friend. All the best graduating year 6 students. 


I would like to wish you all a safe summer break. I hope it is filled with love and laughter and amongst family and friends.  I look forward to seeing you in 2023.