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Human Library

In May we hosted our own Human Library at CLC for Year 7 students and Alumnae. Borrowing the concept of the Human Library from Denmark and merging it with studies of CLC history, students were able to ‘borrow’ volunteer Alumnae and find out what it was like to be a student at CLC many years ago. They learnt more about the original school site in East Melbourne, about the nuns who taught them, their uniforms and the subjects they studied, along with many personal stories. Students were shown yearbooks, photos and other memorabilia that helped to bring some of those stories to life; they were enthralled by tales of mischief and surprised to find that despite the passage of time, the some of the issues that concerned young girls over 50 years ago are still relevant today and that they are united by the rich history and traditions of Catholic Ladies’ College forever more.


We extend our deepest gratitude to the following Alumnae for their generosity in volunteering their time and their enthusiastic participation in this project: 


Tess Evans (nee Websdale), CLC 1964;  Liz Frazer (nee Kerr), CLC 1967;  Krystyna Thomas (nee Dabkowski), CLC 1958;  Anne Connellan (nee Tripcony), CLC 1958; Marita Brice (nee Ball), CLC 1967;  Irene Gilbert (nee McDonald), CLC 1967;  Dorothy Speakman (nee Williams), CLC 1959;  Michelle Saccardo, CLC 1971;  Jacki Dixon (nee Turner), CLC 1994;  Brittany D'Silva, CLC 2007;  Kerry Ferguson, CLC 1970;  Cathy Jackson (nee Young), CLC 1987


Cooking with Mrs Maynes Series: Cookie Cakes

It was heating up in the kitchen on 3 May when eleven Alumnae made their way back into the Food Technology rooms for our ‘Alumnae Cooking with Anne Maynes’ series. On the menu were cookie cakes, just in time for Mother’s Day. There were plenty of laughs and the biggest shock of the night was the realisation that two of the attendees were born the year the majority of the attendees finished at CLC!


Thanks to the following Alumnae for attending this event: Georgia Gordon, CLC 1994; Kate Harford (nee Colbert), CLC 1994; Kate Flynn (nee Lucas), CLC 1994; Jackie Dixon (nee Turner), CLC 1994; Bridget Hellier (nee Murphy), CLC 1994; Alicia Scott (nee Wortley), CLC 1994; Rachelle Champion (nee Mirrielees), CLC 1994; Rebecca Hevey, CLC 1994; Carleen O’Reilly, CLC 1994; Anneliese McDonald, CLC 2012; Elise Cowdry, CLC 2012.


A special thank you goes to Anne Maynes, who gave up her evening to reminisce and teach our Alumnae a new skill. It was a great night.



Brushes and Bubbles with Vanessa Lautee (CLC, 1997)

There was much fun to be had at our inaugural "Brushes and Bubbles" series with our Ink Art class run by CLC Alumna, Vanessa Lautee (nee Zulic), CLC 1997 in July.  Thank you to the following Alumnae for attending this event and for Vanessa for making it a great night for all.


Jacki Dixon (nee Turner), CLC 1994; Cecelia Ramsdale, CLC 1994; Melanie Andresen (nee Humphrey), CLC 1994; Brittany D'Silva, CLC 2007; Michelle Hervatin, CLC 2004; Rachel O'Meara (nee Edmonds), CLC 2004; Jessica Saunders, CLC 2004; Lizz Taylor (nee Neylon), CLC 1985; Michelle Murray, CLC 1984; Helen Lucas, CLC 1966; Eileen Bailey (nee Mason), 1965; Jane O'Brien, CLC 1988.