Torrens Camp

Term 3 camp

As everyone is aware, camp on Monday, 19th September is fast approaching.

We will travel by private bus to El Shaddai campsite in Wellington, first thing on Monday morning and return the following day on Tuesday, 20th September. 

The students will be involved in many, varied activities throughout the two days based on building self esteem, independence, problem solving and group skills. Some activities include learning about native Australian reptiles, learning about water quality and wetlands, rock climbing  and earthball parachute.

Please make sure you return all notes promptly so that we can organise and complete all paperwork in time.

Parents who will be attending will be notified as soon as we know final numbers.

Please also add a waterproof jacket to the list of  " What to bring".

We are pleased to offer a day visit to those students unable to stay for the two days on Monday 19th September - a note will be coming home very soon about this for those students not attending.

For further information please ask the teachers or go to